How Much Is A Business License In Arizona?

A business license is a legal requirement for any small business, corporation, or branch that wants to do business in Arizona. Business license costs can vary from one state to another, but the State of Arizona is one of the cheapest states to apply for a license.

How much is a business license in Arizona? A basic general business license application in Arizona costs approximately $168, and renewal costs up to $84. Business License costs can depend based on your city.All businesses who want to operate within or from Arizona will require a basic business license to do it legally.

Business licenses are required for any legal business, company or corporation that does business from Arizona. A license application should be the first step for any business who would like to continue or start in the State of Arizona. Without one, you could be faced with legal backlash.

Types of Business Licenses in Arizona

LLCAn LLC (or Limited Liability Corporation) protects the business owner against debtors and liabilities.
S CorpAn S Corp is a type of limited liability company registered for specific tax reasons.
C CorpA C Corp is a type of limited liability company registered for specific tax reasons, taxed separately from its shareholders.
NonprofitA Nonprofit operates without a profit margin, usually on donations, and still needs a business license.

Arizona Business License Facts

• There are more than 550,000 licensed businesses in Arizona State. 

• Small businesses are defined as any with less than 500 employees. 

• Arizona is the fourth most profitable state in the United States.

• Small businesses are responsible for half of Arizona’s total state earnings per year.

Business Licenses in Arizona

Arizona requires all businesses to be licensed with their city to be considered a legally operational business. Application costs for an initial application costs up to $168, though will be different in each Arizona city or town.

The best way to apply for an Arizona business license is to visit the online portal for your city or town to download the forms. The forms are clear, and application fees are to be included with your form’s submission to be valid.

Applications are meant to be quick and easy, and might take up to 5 days to be processed. Applicants will receive a notification once their business license has been processed.

Business License Applications in Arizona

A business license is one of the most important documents for any local business in Arizona. Laws in the State of Arizona require the same basic license from any type of business, whether they are large or small. If you intend to do business from Arizona, you’ll need one.

A general business license can cost approximately $168 in Arizona. Renewal fees, necessary about once a year, can cost up to $80 or $90 if you have already registered once. Other fees, including a filing fee, could apply.

Arizona does not have a general state-wide business license like most other states. If you want to apply for a license, you will have to apply through your specific town’s office. Costs can differ from one city to the next, but are generally kept low rather than high.

General business licenses from your city covers any type of business that you might want to operate. Additional licenses can be necessary if you would like to license a specific kind of business, like liquor or food. Nonprofit organizations will still require a general business license to operate in Arizona.

Application fees are non-refundable. Business license applications for Arizona can be done online, at the official government portal for your city. Since there is no general state license, a city business license is what you will need.

Registrants should allow time for processing. Business license applications can take up to 5 days to process. You will receive a notification once your license has been processed. 

It’s easy to apply for a basic business license in Arizona. Renewal is done through the same portal, required once a year. 

If you would like to find out more, visit the government portal for your town or city.

Do I need a business license if…?

Business licenses are required for any type of business who wants to operate in Arizona. Online sales, direct-to-consumer sales, and business-to-business companies are all required to operate with a license.

How long can my business license take in Arizona?

A business license application is immediate, but processing it can take approximately 3 to 5 days in Arizona. Slight delays can be expected if you apply at the busiest times of year.

Why is my business license cost different in Arizona?

There is no state-wide business license for Arizona. If you would like to apply for a business license, you have to approach your city. Costs for an application are not the same in every city.

Are there additional types of licenses in Arizona?

Other than a basic business license, you might have to apply for a secondary type of license if you run a specific type of business. Liquor and food licenses are two additional licenses a business might require if this describes your industry. 

Do I need a business license for online sales in Arizona?

Online sales will still require a business license, if the business operates from within Arizona. This is true even if the business has a main branch elsewhere in the United States: a separate business license is still necessary. Why? Sales tax requirements.

How do I apply for a business license in Arizona?

If you want to apply for a business license in Arizona, the best thing you can do is to approach your city office. Online applications are the most common way to apply, and it’s meant to be fast and easy.

Here are the business license costs in other states: