How Much Is A Business License In Kentucky?

All businesses who want to operate from or within Kentucky require a basic sales license or tax certificate from the state to do so. Kentucky law requires basic business license registration from all types of businesses, including companies, corporations and single-owner business ventures.

How much is a business license in Kentucky? Business license applications cost a non-refundable fee of $100 in Kentucky, and renewals are charged at $100. All businesses with a main office or branch that operates from a Kentucky location are required to have a basic business license to be legal and tax compliant in the state.

Kentucky is one of the largest small business states, and one of the easiest to register for a small business license through the state website portal. The state of Kentucky requires businesses to have business certificate in place before they are allowed to trade, and consequences of being without one could involve fines or closure.

Business License Registration in Kentucky

Federal regulations in the United States require that businesses remain tax compliant, and part of this is registration with the state in which the business intends to run from. The laws in Kentucky require all small businesses and companies to register for a basic business license before they are allowed to trade.

Business licenses in Kentucky allow a business to buy, sell and pay their taxes to the state. Without the right licenses, a company could easily be shut down until their paperwork has been brought in order.

Simple business license registration in Kentucky costs $100 through a representative office or online. Business licenses in Kentucky are valid for one year after their application date, and must be renewed before or on their deadline.

The cost for a business license renewal in Kentucky costs $100, and must be done or the business could be subject to either late fees or serious fines.

The business license is the most basic requirement to do legal business in the state of Kentucky. Other licenses could be necessary for specific businesses, like ones in construction, food, liquor or entertainment – but the basic business license is still necessary first.

Certain sales permits in Kentucky have no associated fees, and must simply be applied for together with the basic business certificate..

All business license and permit applications for Kentucky can be completed online through the state’s website. If you are not sure, visit the individual website for the Kentucky town or city in which the business intends to operate in.

Being without a permit in Kentucky is serious. The state can order closure of any business without the proper licenses in such an event, and the business will be subject to fines as a result – and only be allowed to open again once their licenses are in order.

How long does a business license in Kentucky take?

A business license application is immediate, but it takes time for applications to be processed. According to official state resources for Kentucky, a business license application can take approximately 10 days to process when done online. Offline applications can take up to 3 weeks.

When does a business license in Kentucky expire?

Kentucky business licenses are valid for 2 years after they have been applied for. After this period, they will have to be renewed through the same office they were initially issued – at an additional cost of $100. Businesses who miss this deadline could be subject to late fees, fines or closure for continual operation.

How do I register for a nonprofit license in Kentucky?

Nonprofit describes any charities or charitable ventures with a 501c3, 501c4 or 501c19 IRS designation: this is a specific type of business license that has to be applied for through the state.

Where can I apply for a business license in Kentucky?

Business license applications for Kentucky are best done online through the state’s website portal, but can also be done in person at the local city or state business registration office.

What if my business license is delayed?

Kentucky business licenses are faster than some other states, and might arrive within as quickly as 10 days from the initial application date. Delays are normal at busy times of the year, or when the application has been made at a physical office instead of online.

Types of Business Licenses

A General Operating LicenseA general operating license is another name for a business or sales tax license. It’s the first license that any business needs to operate and pay tax within the state of Kentucky.
A Food LicenseFood licenses are available in Kentucky for any businesses who handle, process or directly trade in food and beverages.
A NonprofitNonprofit organizations are specially designated companies who are not-for-profit, and must register separately with the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky Business Facts

• The total earnings of Kentucky were estimated at $189.4 billion in 2019.

• Small businesses in Kentucky are responsibly for employing approximately 1/2 of the total business workforce in the state. 

• Manufacturing, sales and export businesses are some of the largest industries in the state of Kentucky.

• Manufacturing alone is responsible for a fifth of the total earnings of the state.

Getting a Business License in Kentucky

A business license is one of the most important legal documents for a business in Kentucky. A business cannot operate a main office or branch in this state without this license, and could face fines or closure in Kentucky if they operate without the paperwork in place.

Kentucky business licenses cost $100 to apply for, and $100 to renew once they have expired. A Kentucky business license will remain valid for one year after its application date, and renewals must be done manually through the same portal that it was applied through.

Here are the business license costs in other states: