How Much Is A Business License In Mississippi?

Business licenses are a legal requirement for any company who wants to do business in the state of Mississippi, but license applications here work differently than in most other states. There is no general state-wide business license for all of the state, but instead individual towns and cities in Mississippi issue business licenses.

How much is a business license in Mississippi? Business license registration in Mississippi can cost up to $50, but specific businesses like an LLC can pay up to $250 to register in Mississippi. The cost of a business license can vary greatly in Mississippi, as there is no general business license for the entire state. Different fees apply to different business types, and might be higher or lower by-city.

Business licenses are a legal necessity in Mississippi for all types of businesses, whether they want to open a main office or branch in the state. There is no state-wide license, but instead individual Mississippi cities and towns are tasked with registration and renewal. Applicants should approach their closest town or city office for information.

Business Licenses in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi requires all businesses in the state to register for the appropriate permits with their city or town. Business licenses in Mississippi are required for most businesses who buy, sell or have to pay tax to the state as part of their business agreement. 

The cost of business license registration is not the same throughout the whole of Mississippi: for small businesses, a registration fee of $50 is common for some areas in Mississippi, while specific companies like an LLC could be charged higher and cost as much as $250 to register.

Applications for Mississippi business licenses can be made in person or online. Online applications take preference, and they are processed much faster than licenses asked-for at a physical office location.

All business applications should be accompanied by the appropriate fees. According to the Mississippi state website, all fees are non-refundable – even in the event of rejected or unsuccessful applications.

Administration fees could apply to registration in some parts of Mississippi, but are kept under $50 per application.

Mississippi business licenses are valid for one year, though some permits extend to a two or three year period. The validity period can be different depending on the type of permit and the business location.

Business licenses are required for most business in Mississippi, and have to be registered at city-level instead of with the state. Special licenses can apply to businesses with special trade requirements, like food, liquor, entertainment or beverages. 

The time period required for processing can be different from one town in Mississippi to the next. Allow 2 to 4 weeks, or follow the recommended guidelines from the appropriate town resource.

Mississippi legislation is strict about businesses who operate without the proper licenses: Any businesses found to operate without the correct paperwork in Mississippi could face closure until licenses have been applied for, and could be hit with additional fines from the state.

How long does a business license in Mississippi take?

Online applications for a Mississippi business license is estimated to take approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Applications that are made in person can take longer than this due to high application volumes.

When does a business license in Mississippi expire?

Most business licenses and permits in Mississippi are valid for a period of 1 year from their approval date. Renewal is not automatic for most Mississippi towns and permits, and has to be done either before or on the stated deadline. 

How do I register for a nonprofit license in Mississippi?

Nonprofit licenses have to be registered for separately, though can be done at the same place as regular business license registration: Mississippi town representative offices, or online.

What happens with an expired business license in Mississippi?

A business technically trades outside the legal framework with an expired business license, thus illegally. An expired license must be renewed immediately, and late fees might apply to late renewals. Continuing to trade under an expired license is considered a crime, and might lead to closure.

What if my business license is delayed?

Delays are normal at busy times of year, or for physical applications that naturally take longer than ones made online. Delays can be followed up with the relevant department.

Types of Business Licenses

An LLC or CompanyAn LLC or Limited Liability Corporation is a type of company that shares limited responsibility for “negatives” like debt. In Mississippi, an LLC requires a separate license to operate.
A General Operating LicenseA general operating license is another name for the basic business license, required for all businesses operating a main office or branch in Mississippi.
A Food LicenseFood licenses apply only to business ventures that process, handle, buy or sell food items. In Mississippi, a general business license is still required first.

Mississippi Business Facts

• Business license fees must accompany the application, whether made online or at a physical office.

• Most Mississippi business licenses are valid for a period of 1 year, and must be renewed manually by the business owner before or on its expiration date.

• There is no state-wide business license for the whole of Mississippi, but instead city or town business registration.

Getting Business Licenses in Mississippi

Mississippi business licenses don’t work exactly the same as other states. Instead of a state-wide license, permits and licenses must be granted for the town or city where the business intends to operate from.

The cost of a Mississippi business license can vary depending on the type of business and town regulations for licenses. Most basic licenses in Mississippi are $50 and up, though special permits like an LLC will be more expensive to register.

A business license is valid for one year in Mississippi, but must be renewed by the applicant within the stated time or the business could face serious fines.

Here are the business license costs in other states: