How Much Is A Business License in Connecticut?

Connecticut is one of the few United States without a general sales license, but a business license is still a legal requirement for anyone who wants to do business in this state. License applications are easy in Connecticut, though fees apply to first applications and renewals.

How much is a business license in Connecticut? A business license application in Connecticut costs a non-refundable $100 fee. The law requires all business who operate in or from Connecticut to register for a business license. There is no specific sales license in Connecticut, and businesses have to register for a license that fits their industry or type of business best.

Without the right license in Connecticut, a business technically operates above the law and below the line. Businesses without a license could be closed by the state – an avoidable problem if they had just applied for a license to begin with! Business licenses are easy in Connecticut, though must be specific to the type of business.

Applying for a Business License in Connecticut

A business license is one of the most important documents for anyone who wants to do business in Connecticut. All businesses have to have one, whether they are an LLC or C Corporation. Even if you want to open a branch in Connecticut, you will need a business license.

Connecticut State has no general sales license like other states. This means the application has to be specific about the industry your business would fall under – though the form has options to make it easy.

Basic business licenses in Connecticut cost $100 to apply for. Additional administration fees might apply, though are usually no more than $15 to $20 to allow for application processing.

Fees are non-refundable. Unfortunately, they are still non-refundable if the application was unsuccessful due to incorrect info. Applicants should always be sure before their submission that everything is correct.

Different business licenses cover each industry. A food and beverage retailer cannot have the same type of license in Connecticut as a garden cleaning service. The cost does not vary from one business to the next, but it is important to state the business or industry type on the application.

Other documents like an Employee Identification Number (EIN) and liquor license are considered separate from a business license registration. Specific industries each have their own requirements in Connecticut. 

The best way to apply for a business license in Connecticut is online through the state’s site portal. Forms are available to download, and they can be submitted from the same place on

Unlike other states, a Connecticut business license will only expire after 2 years.

Improvements to the online portal makes submission effortless. A temporary business license is issued from the moment of application: the official, printed license will arrive through the mail if the application has been successful.

Connecticut law requires all companies and small businesses to register for a business license as their first step to operations.

Additional licenses might be required, but a basic license is always required first to do business in Connecticut at all.

What types of business licenses can you apply for in Connecticut?

Connecticut has no general sales license, but specific business licenses exist for each industry. Construction, landscape, food and entertainment are 3 types of business licenses available in Connecticut – but to find your specific one, speak to a representative from your state office first.

How long does a business license in Connecticut take?

Business licenses are accepted instantly, but might take a few days to one month to process. Applicants should allow at least 31 days for the application to process. 

When does a business license in Connecticut expire?

Business licenses in Connecticut are valid for 2 years from the application date. It’s always important to check the validity of a business license: it remains the responsibility of the business owner to make sure their documents are up to date.

What if my business license is delayed?

Delays in processing can happen at busy times of the year. Applications should not generally take more than 31 days at most.

Types of Business Licenses

A General Operating LicenseGeneral business licenses cover general operations in most states, but this is the one type of license that Connecticut does not have. Instead, expect specific industry licenses where applicants have to specify their business type.
A Food LicenseFood licenses apply only to businesses that process, handle or directly sell foods or beverages. 
A NonprofitA nonprofit business license covers any charities, or organizations that do not show a financial profit margin. 

Business Facts: Connecticut

  • Approximately 350, 000 small businesses operate from within Connecticut, and more business licenses are issued every day.
  • Connecticut is welcome to new business, and has a special Office for Small Business Affairs to streamline processes like registration.
  • Sales, real estate and insurance are 3 of the largest industries in Connecticut state. 

Business Licenses for Connecticut

Connecticut requires all business types to apply for their specific type of industry license to operate a main office or branch in the state. Businesses without licenses could be forced to close and apply for a license – and thus, licenses are important as the first step for anyone.

An online application process makes it easy to apply for a business license. Application fees have to be included with the forms, and the submission process starts from the moment the user clicks submit.

License applications cost $100 regardless of the industry in which the business operates Renewal applications are only necessary 2 years after the initial business license has been applied for.

Here are the business license costs in other states: