How To Get A Business License In Louisiana – Costs & More

All businesses who want to operate an office or branch in the state of Louisiana will require a basic business license to do it. Business license registration is a state-level legal requirement that allows a business to buy, sell, trade and pay taxes to the state.

How much does a business license in Louisiana cost? Louisiana business license applications cost $100, and can be done through the state website portal or at any city or town representative office. Licenses are valid for a period of 1 year from being issued, and must be renewed at a cost of $100 per renewal. Business licenses are a legal requirement for businesses in Louisiana to remain tax compliant.

Louisiana businesses must register for a business license within their city or town before they can operate within the law. Business licenses are required from all types of businesses, including companies, corporations and sole-proprietors – though other licenses can apply for specific company types.

How To Get A Business License In Louisiana

Business licenses, tax sales certificates and Employee Identification Numbers (EIN) are some of the most important legal documents to do business in the state of Louisiana. No business is allowed to operate without such documents in place, and businesses who do could face fines or closure by the state.

All businesses, including ones that sell online or provide specialized services, must register with the Louisiana city or town where the business intends to operate. 

Louisiana business licenses can be applied for at a physical office, or online through the relevant state or city portal for business applications. A basic business license costs $100 to apply for in the state of Louisiana, and renewals are charged at the same rate for expired licenses.

According to Louisiana state resources, a business license can take from 10 to 15 days to be processed. A physical license is shipped to the applicant once their application has been successful, and an online copy becomes available.

Other licenses might be required to operate in Louisiana if the business is a specific type. Food, liquor, agriculture and entertainment are four types of industries that might require more than just the basic business license to trade.

According to state resources, Louisiana applications must be accompanied by the payable fees whether the application has been made in person or online. Applications without fees could be rejected or refused, and fees are non-refundable even when applications have been unsuccessful.

How long does a business license in Louisiana take?

A Louisiana business license application is immediate, but the issuing of the license might take 10 to 15 days for online applications. Approval might take longer for any applications that have been made at a physical office.

When does a business license in Louisiana expire?

Business licenses in Louisiana expire 1 year after their approval date, and must be renewed either before or on the appropriate deadline. Fines and potential closure face businesses who renew late, or continue to operate without a license in the state of Louisiana.

Can a business license in Louisiana be rejected?

Sometimes, a business license application can be rejected from the system if the information provided isn’t correct. The applicant will receive a notification if their application did not work, but any fees paid are non-refundable.

Where can I apply for a business license in Louisiana?

Louisiana business licenses can be applied for through the official government site portal, or at a local city or town office for business registration.

What if my business license is delayed?

It’s normal for business licenses to be delayed during busier times of the year. If this is the case, Louisiana state resources recommend that the applicant follow up with the office through which the application was made.

Types of Business Licenses in Louisiana

An LLC or Company An LLC or Limited Liability Corporation is a type of company that allows its shareholders to share limited responsibility for business negatives like debt.
A General Operating LicenseA general operating license is also called a basic business license, required for all business types by law in Louisiana.
A Food LicenseFood licenses are for businesses that handle, trade, sell or process any type of food or beverages. 
Liquor PermitsLiquor permits are required for any businesses who deal in or sell alcoholic beverages. In Louisiana, a basic business license is still required first.

Louisiana Business Facts

• Retail, agriculture and consumer sales are three of the largest industries in the state of Louisiana.

• All businesses, even online ones, will require a business license to trade within the state of Louisiana.

• Business license applications for Louisiana can be made at the relevant physical office for the town or city, or made online for a faster turn-around time.

Getting a Business License in Louisiana

A Louisiana business license is easy to get, and can be applied for through a physical office or the online portal for Louisiana business registrations. Online applications are encouraged and usually faster than ones that are made in person – online applications can be processed in under 12 days.

Louisiana licenses cost $100 to apply for, and $100 to renew. A Louisiana business license is valid for 1 year from its approval date.

A Louisiana business license must be renewed either before or on the expiry date to remain compliant with state laws. Unlike some other states, Louisiana licenses do not renew automatically and it’s the applicant’s responsibility to check.

According to Louisiana state laws, it is illegal to operate a business in Louisiana without a business license in place. Any businesses that are found to be open without a license in Louisiana could be fined and forced to close until their licenses are up to date.

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