How Much Is A Business License In Wyoming?

All Wyoming companies, corporations and small businesses must register for their basic business license before they are allowed to operate within this state. The cost of basic business licenses can differ from one Wyoming city to the next. 

How much is a business license in Wyoming? Wyoming business licenses cost a base fee of $50 and up to register. Companies like Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) can be registered at a higher fee, while nonprofit companies and charity registrations don’t carry any fees in Wyoming for basic registration.

All Wyoming companies must register for a business license, or face the risk of being shut down by city authorities for noncompliance with tax law. Additional fines are brought against companies who trade without permits, even ones who claim they didn’t know about the law.

Wyoming Licenses 

The state of Wyoming requires all businesses in the state to register for the appropriate permits with their city or town. Business licenses in Wyoming are required for most businesses who buy, sell or have to pay tax to the state as part of their business agreement. 

A registration fee of $50 is standard for most Wyoming areas and business licenses, while Limited Liability Corporations cost more to register.

Applications for Wyoming business licenses can be made in person or online. Online applications take preference, and they are processed much faster than licenses asked-for at a physical office location.

All business applications should be accompanied by the appropriate fees. According to the Wyoming state website, all fees are non-refundable – even in the event of rejected or unsuccessful applications.

Wyoming business licenses are valid for one year, though some permits extend to a two or three year period. The validity period can be different depending on the type of permit and the business location.

Business licenses are required for most business in Wyoming, and have to be registered at city-level instead of with the state. Special licenses can apply to businesses with special trade requirements, like food, liquor, entertainment or beverages. 

The time period required for processing can be different from one town in Wyoming to the next. Allow 2 to 4 weeks, or follow the recommended guidelines from the appropriate town resource.

Wyoming legislation is strict about businesses who operate without the proper licenses: Any businesses found to operate without the correct paperwork in Wyoming could face closure until licenses have been applied for, and could be hit with additional fines from the state.

Types of Business Licenses

An LLC or CompanyA Limited Liability Corporation is a special type of company registration that might cost more to register in Wyoming than basic business licenses.
A General Operating LicenseA general operating license or business license is required for all companies who want to do business within this state. 
A Food LicenseFood licenses are a special type of permit that only some business types will need.
A NonprofitNonprofit organizations and charities can register through a separate form, but similar process to operate within the law in Wyoming.

Wyoming Businesses

• Up to 80% of business in Wyoming is powered by small to medium businesses and single-owner companies. 

• All businesses who want to operate from or within Wyoming will require a business license to do it in accordance with local state tax law.

• Even businesses who provide services or sell online will need to register for a business license in the state of Wyoming.

• Without a legal Wyoming business license, companies face the potential of closure or heavy fines for not remaining compliant with the law.

How long does a business license in Wyoming take?

A Wyoming business license can be approved in just a few days through the online application portal. Physical applications can take longer, and might take up to 2 weeks.

When does a business license in Wyoming expire?

Business licenses in Wyoming remain valid for at least 1 to 2 years after the approval date. Licenses will not renew automatically like some other states, but must be done with a renewal form and relevant fees.

How do I register for a nonprofit license in Wyoming?

Nonprofit licenses are only necessary for nonprofit companies and organizations. In Wyoming, these can be registered for with a separate form.

Where can I apply for a business license in Wyoming?

The Wyoming website portal is the best place to apply for a business license, recommended because it’s faster. Physical applications are also possible, but carry a longer processing time. 

What if my business license is delayed?

Business licenses might be delayed if the application was made at a busy time of the year, but physical applications are also known to take longer. 

Wyoming License Registration 

Business registration in Wyoming is easy through the relevant online portal or physical office. An application should take just a few minutes, and can be approved within just a few days.

No business in Wyoming can operate legally without their paperwork in order.

Most Wyoming business licenses are valid for at least 2 years from the application date. 

There are some license types that have to be renewed sooner than this, but each permit will state its own expiration date. It’s important for applicants to check the validity of each license individually.

Wyoming business licenses will not renew automatically. Renewals can be done through the same office as the initial application, and must be done before or on the deadline stated on the permit.

Without a legal license, Wyoming businesses face closure until their licenses have been brought up to date. Additional fines are involved for businesses who operate without their necessary permits.

Even businesses who claim they were not aware of local legislature can be fined or closed in Wyoming: ignorance is not an excuse for not complying with local, obvious tax law.

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