How Much Is A Business License In North Dakota?

Just like most individual states in the United States, North Dakota law requires all businesses to register for a license before they are allowed to operate an office or branch within this state. Business licenses are the first step for any North Dakota company, corporation and small business.

How much is a business license in North Dakota? Business licenses in North Dakota are not as expensive as some other states to register, and the basic cost of a North Dakota sales tax license is free. Administration costs will apply in each individual city, and companies like an LLC might have higher costs associated with registration depending on the area.

Business licenses in North Dakota are one of the most important documents that a company, corporation or small business can apply for. All business need one, and without a business license they are considered to trade outside the law in North Dakota state. 

Business License Registration in North Dakota

All companies, corporations and small businesses require a license to operate and pay tax in the state of North Dakota. It’s true even for any North Dakota companies and businesses who deal only in online sales or services instead of products. 

North Dakota has a general sales tax license that covers the entire state, and it is free to apply for one. Individual permit registrations (such as LLC companies and liquor sales) can carry a higher cost to register.

The cost of a North Dakota business license registration will be different, usually higher, with LLCs and special permits. North Dakota state resources have specific forms for each permit, available on their site. 

North Dakota license applications are immediate, although will take time to make it to approval. Physical applications can take longer than online business license applications. 

Most permits and licenses in North Dakota remain valid for a year, but there are some exceptions. Renewals must be made either before or on the stated deadline, or the business could face late fees or fines.

Additional licenses could be required for businesses like LLCs, food or liquor retailers and others. North Dakota has guidelines available to guide applicants on which registrations they will need.

The online business license application process in North Dakota can get a license processed in just a couple of days. Physical applications might take up to 14 days, and special permits might take longer. 

All North Dakota businesses require a basic sales tax permit and business license to trade. Without one, they face closure until their permits have been approved – and heavy fines are issued against noncompliant businesses. 

Types of Business Licenses

An LLC or CompanyAn LLC is a specific type of business license that a company might require if they want to operate a Limited Liability Corporation in North Dakota.
A General Operating LicenseA general operating license is another name for the general business license. All businesses with an office or branch in ND will need one.
A Food LicenseFood licenses are a permit required only for business who serve, sell or process food items. Basic business licenses are still a first necessity.

North Dakota Facts 

• The North Dakota state website handles all permit and license registrations, and can refer applicants to the correct forms for each type of application.

• Business licenses are a very important requirement for businesses in North Dakota, and businesses without a valid license could face closure or fines.  

• All businesses in North Dakota must have a sales tax permit and basic business license to operate here.

• Most North Dakota business licenses are valid for a period of 1 year after their date or approval.

How long does a business license in North Dakota take?

A North Dakota business license application takes time to process. Online applications can be processed in just a few days, while physical applications at an office can take up to 14 days to be ready.

When does a business license in North Dakota expire?

Most North Dakota licenses are valid for one year, and must be renewed on or before the expiration deadline to be considered valid. 

What happens without a North Dakota business license? 

Businesses in North Dakota who are found to be trading without their license could be shut down by state authorities until their licenses have been obtained. Additional fines can apply to businesses found trading without licenses. 

Where can I apply for a business license in North Dakota?

North Dakota licenses and permit applications are available at the state’s website, or at a physical North Dakota representative office:

What happens if a North Dakota business license renewal is late? 

If a renewal deadline is missed but the application is still filed shortly after this period, late fees apply. Businesses who continue to knowingly trade under an expired license could be closed and fined by North Dakota authorities. 

Business Registrations in North Dakota

Business licenses are a vital legal requirement in North Dakota, and required by all entities and businesses who would like to operate within this state.

A North Dakota sales tax license is free, but other licenses and permits could cost more to apply for. Individual license and administration fees are important to check.

Once an application has been made, a temporary license will become available to the business while the physical certificate gets sent through the mail. 

The majority of valid licenses in North Dakota are valid for 1 year, with renewal not automatic like some states, but manual and by the applicant within the stated deadline.

Here are the business license costs in other states: