How Much Is A Business License In Florida?

Business licenses are an important legal necessity for companies who want to do business within or from Florida. A Florida business license can be applied online, but will have application costs and administration fees to pay for a valid application.

How much is a business license in Florida? Business license applications in Florida cost $100 per application, plus an additional $25 administration and handling fee to process. Additional costs can be involved in Florida, such as a $30 for an extra print copy of the business license certificate.

A business license is needed for any type of company or business who wants to trade from within Florida. Business licenses protect the consumers and company, and allow the business to operate within Florida’s legal framework. A business without a license could be forced to close until they can provide a valid license.

Business License Costs in Florida

A business license is a legal requirement for any company who wants to do business from or within Florida. Business licenses allow the business to trade, buy, sell and pay legal tax in the state of Florida.

Basic business license applications in Florida cost $100, though a $25 administration charge also applies to allow the application to be processed. Additional licenses might be required for specific businesses like food, beverages, liquor and entertainment-specific

Fees are non-refundable, and have to accompany online application forms. The fees are still non-refundable even if an application has been unsuccessful: information should be filled in carefully.

A business license is always required, even if the business intends to conduct most of its operations through online sales. Florida is one of the largest business states, but one of the highest fines for businesses without proper licensing.

Applications take between 3 to 4 weeks to be processed, according to Florida’s state licensing resources. Once an application has been successful, a valid certificate will be mailed and an online temporary copy becomes available for print.

Second licenses might be necessary, but will only apply where the industry is very specific. Slot Machine Business Licenses and Liquor Permits are two examples of separate business licenses in Florida. The basic business license is still required first.

Business licenses in Florida are valid for a period of 5 years after their approval. Florida licenses will expire on the last day of the last year. It’s the initial applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the license is still valid.

A business cannot operate without a legal business license in Florida. According to Florida laws, businesses without licenses could be fined and closed until they have applied for the correct licenses to operate in this state.

How long does a business license in Florida take?

Florida business licenses take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to be processed. This is according to official license resources for the state of Florida. Delays might happen at busy times of year.

When does a business license in Florida expire?

A Florida business license lasts for a period of 5 years after successful application. Business licenses expire on December 31st of the last year. Applications are advised to check their expiration date, as notifications are not always sent out.

What can happen without a business license in Florida?

Florida laws set out the importance of a legal business license. Without one, your business could be forced to close by the state authorities until valid licensing has been obtained. Businesses without licenses might also be responsible for a large fine.

What if my business license is delayed?

Business licenses in Florida should take no more than 4 weeks according to official state resources. Delays can still take place at busy times of the year, and are to be expected – but still, no more than 4 weeks. If your business license is delayed, follow up with your relevant office.

Types of Business Licenses

A General Business LicenseA general business or sales license is required by all businesses who want to operate from the state of Florida.
A Food LicenseFood licenses are required for any businesses who process, handle or sell food and beverage related items.
A Gaming Industry LicenseGaming industry licenses are only required for businesses in gaming or gambling. A basic sales license is still required first.
A Liquor LicenseLiquor licenses will only apply to your business if you store, handle or sell alcoholic beverages of any type. The basic business license (or sales license) is still a first requirement.

Florida Business License Facts 

  • Florida has the fourth largest by-state economy in the entire United States.
  • Agriculture, tourism and sales are three of the largest industries in Florida.
  • In 2018 alone, small businesses in Florida employed approximately 24.2 million people in total.

Getting a Business License in Florida

A business license is an essential legal requirement in Florida. Main offices, branches and online sales businesses all require licenses in Florida – and there are specific licenses set out for other industries, like liquor, beverages, food and entertainment or gaming.

Basic business license applications in Florida cost $100, plus a $25 administration fee for processing and handling. Other costs can be involved, including to order a copy of a license certificate which costs $30. 

Business license fees are non-refundable, even for unsuccessful applications. A Florida business license application can be expected to arrive in 3 to 4 weeks of a successful, valid application.

Additional licenses will have to be applied for separately if a business needs one. Help is available through Florida’s online application portal for any business owners who aren’t sure what added licenses their business could need.

Florida licenses expire within 5 years from their application date. Renewal applications in Florida can be done before the actual expiry date arrives as a precaution to prevent expiry.

Here are the business license costs in other states: