How Much Is A Business License In Minnesota?

Minnesota requires all businesses who want to operate within the state to register for the appropriate permit or license to do it. The basic business license in Minnesota allows a company or entity to buy, sell and pay legal tax to the state.

How much is a business license in Minnesota? Business license applications in Minnesota cost $135 when done online, or $155 for any applications made at a physical Minnesota representative office. Special company licenses like an LLC can cost more to register in Minnesota. The cost of a general business license in Minnesota can vary depending on the type of business.

Minnesota regulations are clear about the need for business licenses: all businesses will require a general business license if they intend to operate a main office or branch in this state, even when other licenses are required., Companies in Minnesota without a legal business license could be closed down or heavily fined.

Business Licenses in Minnesota

General business licenses are required for all companies who want to operate or trade within the state of Minnesota. 

The same licensing requirements apply to small business, large businesses and special businesses like food or beverage retailers – though additional permits could be necessary for some.

Businesses who are found to be operating without a license in Minnesota could be closed by the state until their permits have been brought up to date. Heavy fines are leveled against businesses who operate without a license, even those who claim they didn’t know about the law.

Minnesota business license registration costs can vary. Final application costs will depend on the individual office and type of license required.

Basic business license applications in Minnesota costs $135 online, and $155 for applications that are made at a physical office. Administration costs might apply, and more specific licenses like an LLC could be charged at more.

The majority of Minnesota business licenses will remain valid for one year after their approval date. Renewals are due on the stated deadline date, but applicants can also renew their licenses before to avoid late fees or fines.

Minnesota business licenses can be applied for at a local physical state office, or through the online portal. Online applications are recommended, and they process much faster in most areas of Minnesota.

A business license in Minnesota can take up to 14 days to process. State resources recommend online applications, as they can process much faster than ones that are made in person at a physical office.

Minnesota business licenses become valid from the moment of approval. Applicants will receive a notification from the department once their license has been processed, and an online copy with registration info becomes available for display until the print copy has shipped.

All legal businesses in Minnesota will require a basic license to operate. While additional or specific permits can still be required, most Minnesota businesses will first need this type of license before they can open.

Without one, businesses could be fined or closed according to state-wide law.

How long does a business license in Minnesota take?

Most business license applications in Minnesota can process in up to 14 days, though sometimes longer if the application was made in person. A notification will be sent once the license has been successfully processed.

When does a business license in Minnesota expire?

Most Minnesota business licenses remain valid for the period of 1 year. Business licenses do not renew automatically, and a renewal application has to be made by the applicant or fines and penalties could apply.

How do I register for a nonprofit license in Minnesota?

Minnesota, like most other states, has special requirements for not-for-profit businesses. A nonprofit license carries no registration fees, and the process can be done through the same office or web portal as normal business license registration.

What if my business license is delayed?

Business licenses that are applied for online will automatically process faster than applications made at a physical state office. Delays are normal due to some departments being busier, though follow up if the delay lasts longer than 2 to 4 weeks.

What happens without a basic business license in Minnesota?

Basic business licenses are required for all companies who want to operate an office or branch in the state. Without a business license, the state of Minnesota can issue large fines against a business, or force them to close until the correct permits have been applied for and approved.

Types of Business Licenses

An LLC or CompanyA Limited Liability Corporation is a special type of business license. Registrations for Minnesota LLCs can be charged at higher rates than a regular business license.
A General Operating LicenseA general operating license is another name for a basic business license, required for most business types to trade in Minnesota.
A Food LicenseFood licenses are only required for any businesses who deal with food-related products or preparation. Businesses in Minnesota still need a regular business license in addition to this.

Minnesota Business Facts

• Small businesses in Minnesota account for 90% of the total business ownership within the state.

• All Minnesota businesses need a business license, even ones who only want to operate a branch within the state.

• All business license fees are non-refundable, even if the application is rejected.

Getting Business Licenses in Minnesota State

Business licenses are an essential legal requirement to do business within Minnesota. All operational businesses require a basic business license, or they could be shut by the state and subject to fines for operating without.

In Minnesota, the cost of basic business licenses are cheaper when registered for online. Online Minnesota business licenses cost $135. while physical applications cost $155 or more.

Here are the business license costs in other states: