How Much Is A Business License In Arkansas?

A business license is a specific type of permit that any businesses who want to operate from or within Arkansas will require. Business licenses allow a business to operate, buy, sell, and pay their taxes – and a basic permit application is easy

How much is a business license in Arkansas? Business license applications can cost up to $168 in Arkansas. Basic business licenses (also called sales permits) are a legal requirement for any company or business who wants to operate in Arkansas. A sales permit allows a business to trade, buy, sell and pay appropriate taxes in the state.

Sales permits are a legal requirement in Arkansas for any business who operates a branch or main business in the state. If you do any legal business in Arkansas, you will need the most basic type of business license. Fees apply, and they must accompany your application for it to be processed.

Business Licenses in Arkansas

Business licenses (or sales permits) are required for any business who operates a main office or branch in the State of Arkansas. Laws in Arkansas require the same from all types of businesses, including ones who would like to sell products online from the state.

A sales permit is the legal document that allows a company to buy, sell and legally pay their tax in Arkansas. Other permits can be required if you have a large business, or make specific sales like liquor or food.

Different businesses require additional licenses. All businesses need basic license. Expect additional permits for specific businesses.

The cost for a basic sales permit can vary in Arkansas. Because of State laws, everything but your tax permit has to be registered with the specific city from which the business will intend to operate.

Sales permits cost approximately $168 in the state of Arkansas, but could be less (or more) from one city to the next. Cost also depends on the type of business, and large corporations will pay more than a simple one-person LLC.

Processing fees can apply, though are usually no more than $20 to $40. This can also differ from one city in Arkansas to the next.

Permit applications are best submitted online through the official portal for each city. Forms and more information can be found through local office resources before your application is made.

Business licenses can expire. Renewals are done through the same website portal, though cost less than an initial license application.

Registrars should allow time for the processing of their application. A time period of 1 to 2 weeks is considered in the normal range, but it’s recommended to follow up with the department after this.

Why is there such a big difference in registration fees for Arkansas businesses?

Registration fees for a small business in Arkansas can be up to $168 or more. Sometimes, the total cost of business license application can rise up to $1, 000 – but this is only for large corporations. If you register a small business, you will not pay this much.

What other documents could be required for a business in Arkansas?

All Arkansas businesses require a basic business license from their city to operate a legal business in the state. Other licenses, like a sales tax permit, can be necessary if your business has anything to do with sales. 

When does my business license expire in Arkansas?

A business license can expire. Business licenses in Arkansas will expire on December 31st of the application year, and renewal will be necessary.

Where can I apply for a business license in Arkansas?

The best place to apply for a business license in Arkansas is through the official city or state portal.

What can happen if I don’t have a business license in Arkansas?

All businesses require a basic business license and sales tax permit in Arkansas. If you operate without one, your business is considered an illegal one, and you might be subject to fines if you continue.

Types of Business Licenses

A Sales Tax PermitA sales tax permit is applied for at state-wide level from the State of Arkansas, and covers any businesses that sell something to consumers or other businesses.
A Food PermitA food permit is necessary for any business that handles, sells or packages items intended for consumption.
A Liquor PermitA liquor permit is a specific type of sales license that can apply if you sell or handle alcohol as part of your local business.

Business License Facts in Arkansas

• Arkansas is rated as the 35th best state to do business in.

• The state of Arkansas brings in more than $1 billion per year thanks to small businesses.

• Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in Arkansas State.

Local License Applications in Arkansas

All businesses in the state of Arkansas require a local business permit (or license) to operate within the legal framework. Applications can be done through the individual city or town in which the business intends to operate.

Business licenses costs will change for each Arkansas town. The final cost of your business permit will also depend on the size and type of business that you want to register. Costs for a small business are usually no more than $168.

Expect to wait up to 2 weeks after an application has been made. If the application is due for longer than this time period, it’s recommended to follow up with the department. Applications are immediate, but this time allows for it to be processed. 

Applicants will receive a notification message once their application has been approved and processed.

Renewal costs will apply if you have applied for an Arkansas business license before. 

Business license and tax permit registration has been made easier if you are in Arkansas. Applications are meant to take just a few minutes and the most basic details about the business that intends to operate.

Here are the business license costs in other states: