How Much Is A Business License In Alaska?

A business license is a necessary legal requirement for any entity that operates in the State of Alaska. Business license applications can cost a small fee.

How much is a business license in Alaska? Business license applications cost $100 to $120 in Alaska, and renewals cost approximately $50 per year. A business license applies to any company doing business in Alaska. An application is required for any individuals who want to register an LLC, company or nonprofit organization.

Business licenses are compulsory for any business that operates within the State of Alaska. Even if you have a main branch elsewhere in the United States, you will still need to go through the same process: apply for a business license in Alaska. It’s one of the most important documents a business can have.

How much is a business license in Alaska?

All businesses that operate in Alaska will need a basic business license to do it legally. Statutes in the State of Alaska require the same thing from any type of legal business, from an LLC to a nonprofit organization.

The Division of Corporations, Businesses and Professional Licensing is the state department in charge of forms and applications. These licenses are important, and protect both businesses and consumers.

Additional types of licenses might be required for individuals with specific businesses (e.g. the food or beverage industry). A basic business license is still required first.

Standard, basic business licenses cost $100 to $120 in Alaska. Renewal costs can cost up to $50 per year. No other hidden costs or fees apply after your online application has been sent.

There’s good news for new businesses, too. Initial application fees are waived, and the cost of registering a new business in Alaska as of the time of writing is $0.00! Businesses will still have to pay their annual renewal fee.

The online registration process is streamlined, effective and will take just a few minutes to complete. Forms are clear and understandable, with only basic details about your business necessary.

For anyone who gets stuck or needs an explanation, help is available. You can speak to a consultant at any point in the application process. Online registration is meant to be easy, though some delays have been caused thanks to work-from-home staff.

Easy streamline process. Recent improvements system. Effortless one step to next.

Recent improvements to the system makes it easier to apply for an Alaskan business license than ever. All the information including forms are available on the State’s website.

Types of Business Licenses

There are different types of basic business licenses. It depends what type of business you operate, and which industry you call yours. The below table outlines four basic types of business licenses.

An LLC or CompanyAn LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a type of business that protects its owners from any debtors and liabilities. Most single-owner businesses are an LLC.
A General Operating LicenseA general operating license can apply to most/all types of businesses with a physical location or office. If you operate in the State of Alaska, you need this.
A Food LicenseA food license applies to any businesses that involve the sale or preparation of food and beverages.
A NonprofitA nonprofit license is required for any operational nonprofit organization, including a registered charity..

Business license facts in Alaska

A lot of business happens in Alaska each year. Here’s what you should know about Alaska’s different businesses:

• General businesses in Alaska employ a total of about 24.2 million people in total. 

• Retail and technical services are two of the largest industries in the State of Alaska, with new businesses that register each day.

• All businesses, even branches, require a business license to operate in Alaska.

• Fees are non-refundable, though a special deal means that initial registration fees for new applications are waived.

How long does a business license in Alaska take?

Business license applications are processed instantly, and the process starts from the moment you click on submit. It can take 10 to 15 business days for your business license to be processed.

When does a business license in Alaska expire?

A business license will expire on December 31st of the registered year. After this, a renewal application might be necessary. The process of renewal after expiration is similar to an initial application.

How do I register for a nonprofit license in Alaska?

A nonprofit license is for all companies with a 501c3, 501c4 or 501c19 IRS designation 

no fees who would like to operate within or from Alaska.

Where can I apply for a business license in Alaska?

Business licenses can be applied for online through the State of Alaska. The forms and detailed information about what they require can be downloaded from the website (

What if my business license is delayed?

Business licenses are meant to be a quick and easy process from start to end. It can happen that there are delays in the process that makes your business license take longer than the usual 10 to 15 days. If your application was filed, it will still be processed.

Business Licenses in Alaska

A business license application is the first step for any business who wants to operate in the State of Alaska. The online application process guarantees an easy and quick process from forms to fruition.

Business license applications would normally cost between $100 to $120, but all initial license applications are currently at a rate of $0.00. Regular renewal fees will still apply to those who have already registered.

Here are the business license costs in other states: