How Much Is A Business License In Kansas?

Business licenses are a legal requirement to operate a business within or from the state of Kansas, and all business types will require one. There is no general business license for the whole state of Kansas, and license applications have to be made with the appropriate Kansas town or city instead.

How much is a business license in Kansas? Business License applications in Kansas start at $25 and up. Kansas requires that all businesses register for a sales license, but there is no general business license available for the whole state of Kansas. Business license applications must be done through the relevant city or town office.

General business licenses exist in Kansas only within the form of individual tax certificates from the relevant city or town office where the business intends to operate. This is done to reduce costs, and to make applications for a license or permit with each Kansas town easier and faster for applicants.

Kansas Business Licenses

All corporations, companies and small businesses in Kansas require a business license to legally trade, pay taxes and do business in the state. However, since Kansas has no general business license to cover the entire state, individual town or city applications must be made by anyone who wants to register a business.

The basic business license is the floor-level requirement for any business who wants to operate from or within Kansas. 

Other licenses could be required from the city office for specific business types or industries. Liquor, food and beverage permits are just three examples of companies that require separate, additional licenses to operate within the law.

Business license applications in Kansas can cost $25 and up. The cost for a business application in Kansas will vary on the individual town or state, and might increase for the type of business.

Specialized business licenses can be charged at more than the simple, basic rate of $25.

Licenses in Kansas are valid for 2 years from their application date, but must be renewed immediately before or after their expiry date. Penalty late fees can be involved for businesses who fail to make the deadline.

All fees submitted through state and town offices are considered non-refundable. Unfortunately, this is still correct even when the application has been unsuccessful. Kansas state resources advise applicants to be completely sure that all information is correct.

It is illegal to operate a business without the required licenses in the state of Kansas. Businesses who run without a license could be fined and forced to close by the authorities – at least until the right licenses have been obtained through the relevant office.

How long does a business license in Kansas take?

It can 2 to 4 weeks to receive a business license in Kansas from the date of application, though this period might be faster if the application was made online.  Online applications are meant to be faster, and a temporary certificate becomes available when the print certificate ships.

When does a business license in Kansas expire?

A Kansas business license is valid for 2 years from the application date. It’s up to applicants to check that their business licenses have not expired, although in some Kansas cities, licenses are set to renew automatically.

Where can I apply for a business license in Kansas?

Business licenses cannot be applied for at state-level in Kansas, though certain general sales tax certificates exist. Specific business licenses have to be registered with the city or town in Kansas where the business intends to operate. Kansas business license applications can be made online or in person.

Can a Kansas business license application be rejected?

Sometimes, an application might be rejected by the system when the information submitted isn’t correct. The sender will receive a notification that their application has been unsuccessful – unfortunately, any fees paid are non-refundable.

Types of Business Licenses

A General Business LicenseA general business license is specifically for businesses who need to buy, sell and pay tax to the state of Kansas. There is no Kansas-wide license, but individual city-based permits for tax and sales.
A Food LicenseFood licenses are meant for any businesses in Kansas who sell, store or process food and beverages. It is secondary to a general business license, which is still necessary first.
A Contractor LicenseContractor licenses are specifically to construction businesses who want to operate in Kansas. A general business license is still necessary if this applies.

Kansas Business Facts

• Small businesses make up 99% of total businesses located in Kansas. 

• At least 20, 000 people are entirely self-employed in Kansas.

• There are more than 600, 000 small businesses.

Applying For A Business License in Kansas

Business licenses are easy to apply for in Kansas, though there is no state-wide business license for the whole state. Businesses who want to trade in Kansas will have to register with their town or city instead.

Licenses can be applied for online through the relevant city office, or through the online portal for the city. Online applications are recommended, and will process much faster than an application done through a physical office. 

Specific licenses could also be required if the industry or company does more than just general consumer sales. Some other types of business licenses in Kansas include a professional license, a contractor’s license or a liquor license are all ones that could apply.

In most Kansas cities, the business license remains valid for a period of 2 years after its approval date. This is important to remember: it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure their license is up to date, even though some renewals happen automatically.

It is considered illegal to do business without a license in Kansas: businesses who don’t comply could be faced with severe fines or closed down until their licenses have been brought up to date.

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