How Much Is A Business License In Colorado?

Business licenses are an essential document for any company with a main office or branch in Colorado. All businesses, even established ones, will have to apply for a business license if they want to start their operations in Colorado, which can cost money to do.

How much is a business license in Colorado? The initial application fee for a business license in Colorado costs about $10 to $15, though minor admin fees of up to $25 might apply. All businesses who want to operate in Colorado have to apply for a basic business license from their city hall or town office.

Occupational licenses, sales tax permits and business licenses are just three documents a business who wants to operate in Colorado might need. Laws in Colorado compel all operational businesses to have a basic business license, and could force businesses without one to close. Applications are easy, online and take approximately 3 weeks from submission.

Business License Applications in Colorado 

Federal regulations require that all businesses operate with a license Specific state laws for Colorado say that any business within the state needs a business license to do it legally.

Any business with a main office or branch within Colorado will require a basic business license. Applications can be lodged through the official government portal for the relevant town or city with a simple form.

Other business application forms, like LLC incorporation, are also available at the same place.

Basic business license applications cost $10 to $15 in Colorado, with an additional $25 administration fee to process the application. Additional licenses might cost more, but only if you have specific reason to acquire a separate license – like food or beverage sales.

Fees must accompany the initial business license application, and are non-refundable. A business license application for Colorado is immediate, though the processing might take up to 3 weeks according to the state official website. 

Renewals are necessary for Colorado business licenses only once every two years. License renewal cost is approximately $10 to $15, and must be done through the same channel as initial registration. Administration fees could apply.

There are no hidden costs associated with business license registration in Colorado.

Colorado business licenses are easy to apply for, affordable and don’t take as long as some other states to process. 

Legal business licenses entitle a business to operate, and protects both customers and the business itself.

Types of Business Licenses

A General Business LicenseA general business license is the baseline requirement for any company who wants to operate a main office or branch in Colorado.
A Special Business LicenseA special business license applies if you have a business with more requirements than general sales, like liquor or food.
An Operating As LicenseAn operating as license is required when an established business operates under another brand name.
A Nonprofit LicenseNonprofit licenses cover any charities, and have to be registered on their own to operate in Colorado.

Business License Colorado Facts

  • The State of Colorado has approximately 600, 000 small businesses in total.
  • More than 1 million people are employed through small businesses in Colorado, and counting.
  • The 2019 total earning for Colorado was an estimated $353.1 billion.

How long does a business license in Colorado take to process?

Business licenses in Colorado can take up to 3 weeks to process from their application date. State resources recommend a follow up with the town hall or city office after this time period.

When does a Colorado business license expire?

Colorado business licenses last for 2 years from the application date. Applicants will receive a notification if their business license is about to expire, but should still always check.

Where can I apply for a business license in Colorado?

Colorado business licenses can be applied for through the office of the city or town from which the business intends to operate. There is no state-wide license for Colorado, and business licenses are issued by each town. Visit the online portal for your town to download the application forms.

What if my business license is delayed?

Delays are normal, especially during busy times of year when there is a large amount of applications at the same time. Allow at least 3 weeks for processing a business license application, and contact your city or town office after this period.

Can a business license application be denied? 

Sometimes, yes. Business applications that don’t contain all the necessary information might not make it through the system. Unsuccessful applications will have to be lodged again – and unfortunately, fees are non-refundable even in the case of unsuccessful ones.

Business License Applications in Colorado

All businesses who want to continue or start their business in Colorado require the same basic document to do it: a business license. Business licenses last for 2 years from their first application time, and have to be renewed after their expiry immediately.

All license requirements in Colorado are done online through the relevant portals in each town or city. Forms for license registration, renewal, or other special business licenses are available here.

A business cannot operate without a legal business license in Colorado. Any company without the necessary licenses risks closure, and might have to re-apply for their license in order to continue doing business.

The basic business license, also called a sales license, is necessary for all businesses – even if you just want to operate a branch within Colorado.

Additional licenses could be required for specific businesses in Colorado. Food, beverages, liquor and entertainment are some business types that can require additional licenses on top of their basic business license.

Here are the business license costs in other states: