What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a third party in your state who will become responsible and designated to receive notices, correspondence, and other official matters, including government notifications, tax forms, notice of lawsuits in behalf of your LLC. Business entities are required to have a registered agent, some states might not have this requirement, but regardless you should consider having one.

Do I Need a Registered Agent?

Yes, most likely. Nowadays lots of newly formed LLC don’t have physical addresses, if this is the case then you need to select a registered agent who can receive documents. Basically, the state needs to know who the point of contact is. Keep in mind, PO boxes are not allowed.

What If I Don’t Designate a Registered Agent?

There are penalties involved if you don’t register an agent, including fines, inability to enter legal contracts, etc. As usual, check with your attorney for any further questions.

Can You Be Your Own Registered Agent?

Yes, however it is recommended to use a third-party, this way you can leave the office or go on vacation without having to worry about who is going to receive the documents.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

The registered agent will accept all tax and legal documents on behalf of your company. The registered agent can be a member of your LLC, including yourself.

Any Benefits of Having a Registered Agent?

Peace of mind is one, also in case of legal mishap you won’t need to go through the embarrassment of being served in front of your clients. Also, if moving physical location of your office, for example, you don’t need to file extra paperwork to change your address.