Zenbusiness Review

During our ZenBusiness review, we found that ZenBusiness checks all the necessary boxes you would expect an LLC Formation company to, and then takes it further by offering a group of impressive added services. This, plus the fact that the company boasts of a strong team with over 75 years of experience in management, earns ZenBusiness an emphatic approval from us.

So, is ZenBusiness legit? ZenBusiness is totally legit. ZenBusiness has quickly established itself as one of the leading experts in LLC formation, and this has earned it favorable citations on respected publications like The New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, and so on. With 3 packages to choose from (starting at $49), ZenBusiness is definitely worth it.

ZenBusiness Review

ZenBusiness is a company whose major function is to help budding entrepreneurs register their LLC companies with the appropriate bodies in their various States.

Any business owner who has ever had to file for registration by their lonesome self, knows there are more than enough legal hoops and terminologies to jump through – capable of draining both physical and psychological strength – as though the Business itself doesn’t require its own share of your sanity.

[And that is where ZenBusiness comes in.]

About ZenBusiness

While ZenBusiness is by no means the only LLC formation company out there, it, nonetheless, deserves a special recognition due to its being one of the best.

Founded in 2005, it has quickly established itself as one of the leading experts in its field, with a number of significant achievements to attest to this – all of which have consequently earned it favorable citations on respected publications like The New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, and so on.



ZenBusiness’ services are available under three major packages, excluding the free starter package meant for customers who are just willing to test a few offers and get familiar with the company.

Features available under the free package include name availability search, customer service support, and articles of incorporation.

ZenBusiness Pricing

Starter Package – $49

The Starter package begins at $49 plus the state fee form, and is billed annually. This package include the standard filing service, cost of registered agent, and operating agreement fees.

Note that the cost of annual renewal for this package increases to $119.

Pro Package – $179

Also billed alongside the state form fee, the Pro Package, the most popular, offers all the basic structure available in the starter package, plus other improvements such as faster filing speed, provision of employee ID number (EIN), banking resolution, and a worry-free guarantee so customers can rest easy.

Premium Package – $299

The premium package offers additional incentives in the form of an official business webpage done for you, a business domain name with privacy, and an official business email address.

There is also an additional option to customise each package category to suit your needs, to an extent.


Formation Process

ZenBusiness’ operation process is divided into five comprehensive steps that makes your LLC registration journey as smooth and successful as possible.

1. Package Selection

This is the part where you select your desired filing package, and other services you might like to customise.

2. Business Document Filing

The company then proceeds to file all necessary documents with the State. The speed of this part of this process is dependent upon the selected package.

3. Confirmation

The State confirms your business as a registered LLC entity. The speed of this part of the process depends both on the selected pricing package, and the speed of the State’s internal registration processes.

4. Delivery

After registration, you now have your documents delivered into your personalised dashboard. Delivered documents include the business formation certificate and Employee ID Number (for applicable packages.)

5. Ongoing Services

To ensure your company remains in good hand and good standing, you will have access to ongoing support, registered agents and worry-free compliant services.


Advantages of ZenBusiness

A combination of a few special offerings differentiate ZenBusiness from the pack, these are:

1. Free Name Search – where you can perform a free search to check availability of your desired business name.

2. Creation of Business Website – the company, as mentioned earlier, purchases a domain name and build a custom website for your business. (This is only available for the premium package category.)

3. Speed – ZenBusiness prides itself on its speed and smoothness of operation. All packages are done with as much swiftness as possible, with priority given to the highest packages in cases of backlogs. The Premium Plan guarantees filing in 3 – 5 days, Pro Plan takes 1 to 2 weeks, while the Starter Plan takes a maximum of 4 weeks. State review and internal processes are not included.

4. Amendments and Additional Filings – ZenBusiness helps take care of things should you require an amendment to your documents. This costs an additional $100.

5.  Worry-Free Guarantee – This ensures that you enjoy two free amendments per year.

6. Annual Report Filling – Preparation, verification, and submission of annual documents required for provision to the State.


Reviews & Testimonials of ZenBusiness

With reasonable pricing, smooth processes, and impressive speed, it is no surprise that ZenBusiness has been reviewed by a handful of customers. And it is equally unsurprising that a significant amount of those are positive.

Here are some things customers had to say, as culled from the official site and forums:

Lazarus Alpha

Making a Dream a reality

This process to get my dream started was easy and successful. I am proud I chose ZenBusiness to assist me with my needs.

ZenBusiness took care of everything…

Jeff Akers

ZenBusiness took care of everything in a very timely manner.


ZenBusiness brings peace of mind

ZenBusiness is easy to use, simple and brings peace of mind. As a new business owner, ZenBusiness gives options that allow me to make changes as my business evolves. I am so happy I chose Zen Business!!

Other Features

Customer Service: one of the determining factors of any business’ efficiency is the efficiency of its customer service department, and ZenBusiness seems to check this criterion to an impressive extent.

The website is fully equipped with all the necessary information, including frequently asked questions and a chat bot with pre-installed guides for new customers wanting to get familiar with the company.

The human aspect of the customer support, however, may not be as efficient as its electronic counterpart, seeing as we did encounter some unsatisfied customer who claimed their issues were not dealt with in a timely manner.

But with a TrustPilot score of 4.8 out of 5 stars, the company must surely be doing something right.



ZenBusiness checks all the necessary boxes you would expect an LLC Formation company to, and then takes it further by offering a group of impressive added services, already made mention of above.