Zenbusiness Review

During our ZenBusiness review, we found that ZenBusiness checks all the necessary boxes you would expect an LLC Formation company to, and then takes it further by offering a group of impressive added services. This, plus the fact that the company boasts of a strong team with over 75 years of experience in management, earns ZenBusiness an emphatic approval from us.

So, is ZenBusiness legit? ZenBusiness is totally legit. ZenBusiness has quickly established itself as one of the leading experts in LLC formation, and this has earned it favorable citations on respected publications like The New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, and so on. With 3 packages to choose from (starting at $49), ZenBusiness is definitely worth it.

ZenBusiness is a company whose major function is to help budding entrepreneurs register their LLC companies with the appropriate bodies in their various States.

Any business owner who has ever had to file for registration by their lonesome self, knows there are more than enough legal hoops and terminologies to jump through – capable of draining both physical and psychological strength – as though the Business itself doesn’t require its own share of your sanity.

And that is where ZenBusiness comes in.

What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a business services platform that provides a wide range of services to help individuals start, run, and grow their businesses. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to simplify the process of setting up a new business and managing existing businesses.

One of the key services provided by ZenBusiness is business formation. They assist individuals in setting up their business by ensuring the availability of their desired business name, preparing and checking all necessary documents, and filing them with the state. This alleviates the administrative burden and ensures that the business formation process is completed correctly and efficiently.

In addition to business formation, ZenBusiness helps businesses stay compliant by offering services such as registered agent service and worry-free guarantees. They take care of important annual reporting requirements, ensuring that businesses meet their legal obligations without the hassle of remembering different deadlines or tracking paperwork.

ZenBusiness also offers various package plans and a setup guide to assist individuals in selecting the right plan for their business needs. These plans provide access to a range of tools and resources, including expense tracking, automated income tracking, invoicing, and tax assistance through ZenBusiness Money Pro. This allows businesses to stay on top of their finances and manage their income and expenses effectively.

The platform’s web tools, including a website builder and email services, help businesses establish an online presence and make their mark in the digital world. ZenBusiness aims to streamline business management by bringing everything together into one integrated platform. Users can track the status of their orders, access all their business documents, and manage their different services through the ZenBusiness Platform.

What sets ZenBusiness apart is its commitment to simplicity and convenience. By providing an all-in-one solution, they eliminate the need for businesses to juggle multiple services and platforms. ZenBusiness aims to be a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, offering the support and resources needed to navigate the complexities of running a business successfully.

How Much Does Zenbusiness Cost?

ZenBusiness’ services are available under three major packages, excluding the free starter package meant for customers who are just willing to test a few offers and get familiar with the company.

Features available under the free package include name availability search, customer service support, and articles of incorporation.

Starter Package – $0 + State Fees

The Starter package begins at $0 plus the state fee form, and is billed annually. This package include the standard filing service, cost of registered agent, and operating agreement fees.

Note that the cost of annual renewal for this package increases to $199.

Pro Package – $199

Also billed alongside the state form fee, the Pro Package, the most popular, offers all the basic structure available in the starter package, plus other improvements such as faster filing speed, provision of employee ID number (EIN), banking resolution, and a worry-free guarantee so customers can rest easy.

Premium Package – $349

The premium package offers additional incentives in the form of an official business webpage done for you, a business domain name with privacy, and an official business email address.

There is also an additional option to customise each package category to suit your needs, to an extent.

Register your LLC starting at $0.

What Services Does ZenBusiness Offer?

ZenBusiness offers a range of services designed to help entrepreneurs start, run, and grow their businesses with confidence. Their comprehensive formation packages include all the necessary services and support to make a business official, ensuring that it is registered accurately with the State.

The business formation services provided by ZenBusiness include business filing, worry-free compliance, operating agreements, registered agent services, employer identification number (EIN) acquisition, business document templates, fast filing speeds, New York publication (for LLCs formed in New York State), business license reports, annual report filing, amendment filing, and certificate of good standing. These services cover all the essential aspects of forming a business and maintaining compliance with state requirements.

In addition to formation services, ZenBusiness also offers services to help businesses win customers and establish a strong online presence. This includes domain name registration, domain name privacy to protect personal information, business email addresses for a professional communication channel, and business websites that are optimized to drive traffic and attract customers.

What Are the Pros of Using ZenBusiness?

A combination of a few special offerings differentiate ZenBusiness from the pack, these are:

1. Free Name Search – where you can perform a free search to check availability of your desired business name.

2. Creation of Business Website – the company, as mentioned earlier, purchases a domain name and build a custom website for your business. (This is only available for the premium package category.)

3. Speed – ZenBusiness prides itself on its speed and smoothness of operation. All packages are done with as much swiftness as possible, with priority given to the highest packages in cases of backlogs. The Premium Plan guarantees filing in 3 – 5 days, Pro Plan takes 1 to 2 weeks, while the Starter Plan takes a maximum of 4 weeks. State review and internal processes are not included.

4. Amendments and Additional Filings – ZenBusiness helps take care of things should you require an amendment to your documents. This costs an additional $100.

5.  Worry-Free Guarantee – This ensures that you enjoy two free amendments per year.

6. Annual Report Filling – Preparation, verification, and submission of annual documents required for provision to the State.


What Are the Cons of Using ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness has a few cons that potential customers should be aware of.

Some of the features offered by ZenBusiness can be expensive. While they offer a range of services for new business owners, some of these services may not be necessary or worth the extra cost. For example, their EIN filing service costs $70, which may be difficult to justify for some customers.

Another potential drawback is the recurring fees for their registered agent service. While you will need a registered agent during the first year of your business, it is unlikely that you will need their services beyond that point. However, if you don’t opt out of the service, you will be charged an additional $119 for another year. It is important to be aware of this charge and make sure to cancel the service if you no longer require it.

While ZenBusiness does offer online features such as website building and domain name selection, these features may not be as robust or comprehensive as those offered by specialized platforms. If building and managing an online presence is a priority for your business, you may find better options elsewhere.

How Does ZenBusiness Compare to Other Business Formation Services?

ZenBusiness vs. LegalZoom

ZenBusiness and LegalZoom are both online platforms that offer business formation services. While they provide similar services, there are some differences between the two.

ZenBusiness offers a simple and affordable solution for business formation. They have a free plan that only requires you to pay the state filing fees. They also offer additional services such as registered agent services, EIN registration, and ongoing compliance services for an additional fee. ZenBusiness provides customer support via chat, phone, and email, and their customer reviews are generally positive.

LegalZoom, on the other hand, offers a wider range of services beyond just business formation. In addition to business formation services, they also offer legal advice and document review services through their Business Advisory Plan. This plan gives you access to unlimited half-hour consultations with attorneys, as well as document reviews. LegalZoom charges a fee for their services and has a registered agent service, EIN registration, and compliance services available for an additional fee. Their customer support is available via phone and contact form, and their customer reviews are generally positive.

In terms of cost, ZenBusiness is generally more affordable than LegalZoom, especially for their basic plan. However, if you require legal advice or document reviews, LegalZoom may be a better option.

Overall, ZenBusiness is a more cost-effective option for business formation and compliance services.

ZenBusiness vs. Incfile

ZenBusiness and Incfile are both online business formation services that help entrepreneurs establish their business entities quickly and cost-effectively. While ZenBusiness offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, Incfile is known for its zero-fee LLC creation, where customers only need to pay the state fees associated with formation. ZenBusiness offers a money-back guarantee, while Incfile offers a refund, but with a $30 cancellation fee.

When comparing the two, ZenBusiness has a higher rating of 4.9 out of 5-stars, while Incfile has a rating of 2.4 out of 5-stars. ZenBusiness has a starting price of $0 plus state filing fees, while Incfile also has a starting price of $0 plus state filing fees for its basic LLC formation.

Both ZenBusiness and Incfile do not offer legal advice, but they cover all the essential services needed to establish a new business entity. They both provide options for registered agents, filing binders, and EIN registration, though there may be additional fees associated with these services. ZenBusiness has customer support available from Monday to Friday, with extended hours on Sunday, while Incfile’s customer support is available from Monday to Friday.

Both ZenBusiness and Incfile are reliable options for entrepreneurs looking to establish their business entities efficiently and at a low cost. ZenBusiness offers attractive package prices and a money-back guarantee, while Incfile provides a zero-fee LLC formation option.

ZenBusiness vs. Rocket Lawyer

ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are both reputable companies that offer services related to business formation and legal assistance. While they have similarities in terms of customer ratings and customer service, there are notable differences between the two that may sway potential customers towards one over the other.

One of the main differences between ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer is their pricing structure. ZenBusiness offers a simple pricing model with three plans: the Starter Plan, the Pro Plan, and the Premium Plan. Each plan is billed once annually, making it more cost-effective for customers. On the other hand, Rocket Lawyer offers a premium membership that costs $39.99 per month, which can add up to around $480 per year. This monthly subscription model may not be suitable for customers who are looking for a more affordable long-term option.

In terms of ease of use, ZenBusiness provides a user-friendly online platform that allows customers to easily choose their desired services and receive real-time pricing estimates based on their state. The company also offers a wealth of state-specific articles and how-to guides that provide valuable information about business formation. In contrast, Rocket Lawyer does not offer a similar feature for customers to estimate pricing and relies more on their premium membership to gain access to services.

When it comes to customer ratings, both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer have positive reviews on Trustpilot, with ratings of 4.7 out of five stars for both companies. However, ZenBusiness has a larger review count and higher percentage of “excellent” ratings. This suggests that ZenBusiness has more satisfied customers overall.

Service time is another aspect where ZenBusiness differentiates itself. The turnaround period for business formation can vary depending on the state, but ZenBusiness provides a transparent feature that allows customers to see the estimated service time for their specific state. This helps customers plan and manage their expectations more effectively.

In terms of customer service, both ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer offer phone and chat support. However, ZenBusiness has longer customer service hours and is available six days a week, including Sundays. Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, is only available five days a week. ZenBusiness also aims to respond to emails within one business day, ensuring prompt assistance to customers.

Overall, ZenBusiness offers a more cost-effective pricing structure, user-friendly platform, and superior customer ratings compared to Rocket Lawyer. These factors make ZenBusiness a preferred choice for customers who are looking for a reliable and affordable business formation and legal assistance provider

Customer Reviews: What Are People Saying About ZenBusiness?

With reasonable pricing, smooth processes, and impressive speed, it is no surprise that ZenBusiness has been reviewed by a handful of customers. And it is equally unsurprising that a significant amount of those are positive.

Here are some things customers had to say, as culled from the official site and forums:

Lazarus Alpha

Making a Dream a reality

This process to get my dream started was easy and successful. I am proud I chose ZenBusiness to assist me with my needs.

ZenBusiness took care of everything…

Jeff Akers

ZenBusiness took care of everything in a very timely manner.


ZenBusiness brings peace of mind

ZenBusiness is easy to use, simple and brings peace of mind. As a new business owner, ZenBusiness gives options that allow me to make changes as my business evolves. I am so happy I chose Zen Business!!

ZenBusiness Worry-Free Guarantee: What Does It Include?

The ZenBusiness Worry-Free Guarantee is a comprehensive compliance service that takes away the stress and burden of ongoing state filings and compliance requirements. By providing annual report filings, business amendments, proactive alerts, and expert support, this service allows business owners to focus on managing and growing their businesses with the confidence that they are in good standing with the state.

Included in the Worry-Free Guarantee are annual report filings, which are required in most states. These reports serve as a way for businesses to update the state on any changes that have occurred within their company, even if nothing has changed. Filing an annual report is essential to maintaining good standing with the state and avoiding any penalties or negative consequences.

Additionally, the Worry-Free Guarantee covers up to two business amendments per year. Business amendments are necessary when changes need to be made to important business documents, such as the business name, address, or ownership structure. With this service, ZenBusiness will take care of the necessary paperwork and filing fees associated with these amendments, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for business owners.

One of the key benefits of the Worry-Free Guarantee is the proactive alerts and notifications provided by ZenBusiness. These alerts serve as reminders for upcoming compliance events and important deadlines, preventing business owners from missing any critical filings or requirements. By continuously monitoring the status of each business, ZenBusiness helps ensure that businesses remain in good standing and avoid any potential problems with the state.

In the rare event that a business falls out of good standing due to a missed filing or compliance issue, the support team at ZenBusiness is ready to provide assistance. They will offer a detailed action plan to help the business regain its good standing with the state and navigate any necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Is ZenBusiness Right for Your Business?

ZenBusiness offers three service tiers with various features, including filing assistance, registered agent services, operating agreements and bylaws production, accounting consultations, and online tools for website creation and domain registration. ZenBusiness is known for its affordable pricing compared to competitors and user-friendly interface, making it easy for entrepreneurs to navigate the registration process. The service also offers add-on features for specific needs, such as expedited filing, worry-free compliance, and employer identification number filing.

While some features can be expensive and online assistance may lack certain functionalities, ZenBusiness is a top option for business registration and is worth considering for entrepreneurs looking for reliable and affordable services.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is it worth it to use ZenBusiness?

Yes, it is worth it to use ZenBusiness. It is a business services platform that provides comprehensive services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. It offers automated business formation, registered agent services, business compliance tools, and more, which can help streamline the process of starting and running a business.

Is ZenBusiness trusted?

ZenBusiness is a small business services provider that is trusted by many entrepreneurs. The company offers a range of services, such as business formation, registered agent services, and compliance solutions. It is highly trusted by its customers, with an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Why not to use ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is not recommended for businesses that require advanced services, such as international tax filing or registered agent services. Additionally, ZenBusiness does not offer the same level of customer support as some of its competitors, and its pricing structure is not as competitive. Finally, the platform is not as user-friendly as other services, making it difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with the process of setting up a business.

Is ZenBusiness really free?

ZenBusiness is an online business formation service that offers fast and affordable incorporation services. It offers a free Starter plan which includes free business formation, free registered agent, and free tax filing reminders. With its free plan, ZenBusiness allows entrepreneurs to start a business without any upfront costs.