BetterLegal Review

BetterLegal provides LLC Formation services for as low as $99. Our BetterLegal review gives you the necessary details you need to make your decision.

So is BetterLegal legit? BetterLegal is totally legit. BetterLegal’s standard pricing system is not only unique and impressive, it is also highly efficient and eliminates unnecessary package-filler features. This, alongside other numerous advantages, makes BetterLegal a great choice for you business.

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About BetterLegal

BetterLegal helps new companies through the LLC formation process. They not only provide guides as to how and what form of incorporation is suitable for businesses, they also actively help in filling and registering businesses with the appropriate state bodies.

The company’s official motto is “Everything you need, nothing you don’t, at the speed of the state.” They are available in 50 states, and pride themselves on their no-fluff system.

The companies ensure to do away with what they call “a la carte services,” and instead focuses on delivering only the essentials with a really impressive turnaround time.


BetterLegal brings a welcomed air of uniqueness in their pricing by going with a singular, flat payment that covers all aspects of their services.

The flat payment is $299, which is highly considerate relative to companies with similar services. The flat fee covers the following tasks:

1. Preparing and Filing the Certificate of Formation

2. Operating Arrangement

3. Federal Task/EIN

4. Banking Resolution

5. Necessary documents such as amendment forms, minute templates and so on.

BetterLegal Benefits

Apart from its unique one-shot pricing, BetterLegal also offers some benefits that set it apart from its competitors. Among these are:

1. Fast Turnaround Time (TAT): While most LLC formation companies offer a turnaround time of no less than 7 days, BetterLegal provides your certificates in just two business days, which is a mind-blowing feat to say the least.

2. Info Center: BetterLegal’s information center provides businesses with a host of guides and articles written by professionals.

3. Customer Service: BetterLegal provides an online chat customer service to help new users get acquainted and also help returning customers with their questions and complaints.

5. No Upselling: The company prefers a straight-forward approach in its pricing that avoids upselling and unnecessary package grouping of any kind, which is a welcome relief in a world where everyone’s trying to stuff more and more products/services into our faces at every turn.


BetterLegal expressly articulates on its websites that they are NOT a law firm, which means they do not provide legal advice or explanations.

They only help speed up the business registration process, and can not get involved in the discussion of legal optimisation either through business structure, legal forms, strategies and so on.

What Could be Improved

BetterLegal has a great trust score and does a lot of things right, and as such it was hard to find anything that could be improved. We did find, however, that the company’s customer care service, as far as we could tell, was restricted only to the live chat.

There were no other contact details available, which is something that we feel should definitely be worked on.

It is even more baffling, considering the fact that these details actually do exist, and would be given should you request for them through the chat system. Why it is being kept a secret, though, is beyond our comprehension.

Customer Reviews of BetterLegal

Numerous customers have employed BetterLegal’s services and, as can be found on the review aggregating site, TrustPilot, they all mostly had good things to say.

The company had a trust score of 4.8/5 from 142 reviews. Here are some of the things customers had to say:

Simple No Nonsense LLC formation

Did what they said they’d do. It was 9 business days instead of 3 but they let me know right away it was a state delay and not their fault and they offered the option to cancel for a full refund if I didn’t want to proceed. It still finalized like clockwork in the 9 business days they amended the schedule to.

I needed a simple LLC for my son’s hobby of riding and competing in barrel racing. It took me 10- minutes and with in 2 days I had everything filed and ready. I will be telling everyone I know that needs a simple LLC to use BetterLegal.

Wow! Blazing Fast.

Blazing fast with the whole process. They get right to the point and the attempt at up-sale is very low key and appropriate. Highly recommend.

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Other (General Features)

Apart from the unique benefits mentioned above, BetterLegal also ensures it does not falter on basic features such as:

1. Name Availability Search

Like most reputable LLC formation companies out there, BetterLegal’s website features a name availability search section that lets you perform a quick check on your prospective business name to confirm that it is indeed available for use.

2. Simple Web Design

Having a simple website design is becoming more and more a necessity, and BetterLegal checks this box with a simple yet elegant website which, like the company’s whole formula, features only the essential, straight-to-the-point details.

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BetterLegal’s one shot pricing system is not only unique and impressive, it is also highly efficient and eliminates unnecessary package-filler features.

It also makes decision-making very fast and easy, and this, alongside other numerous advantages, makes BetterLegal a great choice for you business.

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