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BizFilings provides LLC Formation services for as low as $25. Our BizFilings review gives you the necessary details you need to make your decision.

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About BizFilings

BizFilings has been helping groups and individuals start their businesses since 1996. Now, unsurprisingly, they have more than five hundred thousand businesses under their belts.

The company handles everything from LLC, Corporation, and even Nonprofit formations.

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How it Works

It is pretty easy to get your business up and running with BizFilings. First thing to do is get familiar with their pricing and customising packages, which we discuss further below, complete the online order process on your website, and wait till you receive your customised incorporation documents.

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BizFilings’ pricing packages are specialized based on the exact business type, and state of registration.

For a basic LLC formation, there is a basic package of $99 plus state fee. This package includes actual filing and registration with the state, and a Registered Agent Service for handling state tax and legal documents.

The second package is the standard package ($229) which includes actual filings, and a host of other “tools to keep your business compliant”. These include: an LLC Kit & Seal; Sample Operating Agreements and other forms, advanced Registered Agent Service, and expedited processing.

The third and last package is the “Complete” package, at $424, which the company refers to as its best value. This includes pretty much everything in the first two packages, alongside a federal tax ID obtainment service, compliance DVD, biennial reports, hard copies of documents and overnight shipping.

The packages are also customisable, which means that you can have a basic package and add other services that you like, but aren’t part of the initial package, for a fee.

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Our Recommendation

The basic package is obviously for people looking to get things done without any extra embellishment. Standard package is pretty comprehensive but may be superfluous as it does not include a federal tax ID number service.

Although this can be added on for a $79 fee, which brings the total to $229 + $79, which is equal to $308 – a much better deal than the “complete” package.

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BizFilings Benefits

State Level Compliance – BizFilings take special care in executing state-peculiar requirements without any extra inconvenience on your part. If your state has extra steps, BizFilings handle these at no extra cost.

Registered Agent Service – We have a soft spot for companies that involves Registered Agent Service in their lower level packages. No matter what package you subscribe to, BizFilings provide 6 month Registered Agent Service.

Free Incorporation Wizard – This is a free tool available on the BizFilings website for entrepreneurs who aren’t particularly sure which business type to go with. The tool provides answers and recommendation based on a few multiple choice inputs by the user.

Business Owner’s Toolkit – Though available only in the higher level package, BizFilings’ owner’s kit contains useful resources that may prove highly valuable for new business owners.

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BizFilings has maintained an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB) for a really long time now, indicating quality, and most importantly, consistency.

We couldn’t, however find a lot of written customer reviews out there but the one quoted below:

I’ve registered multiple businesses with BizFilings over the years and have experienced nothing but success with them. They’re quickly available to help answer any questions I have along the way. Reading the other review, it’s clear the individual doesn’t understand that BizFilings offers a service to streamline registration and compliance activities. Of course, this is a service you pay for and personally, I’d rather let the experts do it so I may focus on the core of my business. Keep up the great work. -EB from BBB

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We did find a couple of customer complaints on the platform which was quickly dealt with by the team at BizFilings.

The first was a complaint regarding a customer who claimed to have been coerced by BizFilings into paying for services he would later find out he didn’t actually need.

The customer tried to cancel but the company apparently would not let him. The company responded by saying the client had chosen the service by himself and did not consent to having the company carry out the necessary filings needed for cancellation on his behalf.

The other complaint was from a customer who claimed the company kept sending collection notices for services not provided. The company responded by pointing out that the customer chose BizFilings as the Registered Agent, and services are still being provided.

Other Features

Here are some of BizFilings’ other notable features which aren’t quite unique, but are worth mentioning, anyway:

1. Name Availability Check – There is a name availability check option for everyone on the BizFilings website. Again, numerous similar companies all offer this feature, but thanks to its usefulness, it is still a notable feature for any LLC formation platform.

2. Customer Service – While BizFilings doesn’t have the greatest customer service out there ([ActiveFilings]), or the most personalised, ([SwyftFilings]), they nonetheless boast of a functional customer care capable of answering most of your questions in detail.

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BizFilings separates itself from the pack with its numerous wonderful tools and resources. Its free incorporation wizard is a pleasant tool that provides real help in making decisions as to preferred business type.

This, alongside its experience and consistency, makes it a favourite among businesses, and a company we’d gladly recommend.

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