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MyCompanyWorks provides LLC Formation services for as low as $79. Our MyCompanyWorks review gives you the necessary details you need to make your decision.

MyCompanyWorks review

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About MyCompanyWorks

With over 18 years and 60,000 businesses served, MyCompanyWorks seems to have found a formula that works great for it: help customers with LLC formation and other related legal services, with an emphasis on meticulousness and customer satisfaction, and the customers, in turn, get what they desire as easy as possible, prompting them to stay and refer more businesses.

Sounds like a simple enough model, but in reality, it is barely practiced to perfection. And while MyCompanyWorks itself can’t say it has everything figured out – there are a few shortcomings as usual, after all – it can at least say it has found a working model, which has given it control of a significant portion of the market share.

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Like most in the industry, MyCompanyWorks offers a three-tier pricing package. These include:

MyCompanyWorks Pricing

1. Basic – $79 + State Fee

MyCompanyWorks’ basic pricing package includes the actual preparation and filing of Articles of Organization, submitted to the state on your behalf, functional name availability search to confirm your desired business name, LLC operating agreement, organizational minutes, unlimited phone and email support, and finally company alerts.

2. Entrepreneur Package – $199 + State Fee

The entrepreneur package is basically the starter package with a couple of additions. A Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), an LLC Kit and Seal, business forms provided to you courtesy of MyCompanyForms, are the three extra perks you get with this package.

3. Complete Package – $279 + State Fee

The complete package offers everything from the entrepreneur package, plus a one-year Registered Agent Service. Companies in America are required to have a designated Registered Agent who receives and processes important documents from the state on their behalf, which is why this feature is particularly useful.

Now, it is a little jarring that this is the only addition in the “Complete” package, but we’ll talk more about that later.

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Our Recommendation

MyCompanyWorks’ pricing package sticks with the conventional three-package formula, but goes against the norm by including most of the necessary features in the basic package, with the “Complete” package boasting of only one additional, albeit necessary, feature.

While this is no doubt a calculated strategy on the company’s part, we have no choice but to recommend the complete package for those who can afford it.

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MyCompanyWorks Benefits

1. Feedbacks and Inclusiveness – MyCompanyWorks ensure to keep its customers in the loop at all times, which is why it has such great reviews online. They make sure to keep customers updated on major and minor developments, as it occur.

2. Customer Service – MyCompanyWorks has a functional customer care unit; they ensure to return emails with a really impressive speed, and, all in all, are miles ahead of a lot of competitors when it comes to customer care.

3. Business Tax Consultation – The company also offers a free business tax consultation in the form of a one-hour webinar aimed at enlightening businesses on how taxes are filed, how to pay, and so on.

4. Free Handbook – MyCompanyWorks secures a touch of class in their operations by including a free 22-page LLC guide into all packages. This guide includes common mistakes, differences, terms, and terminologies associated with running a legally recognised business.

5. Speed – We especially love the fact that regardless of the package selected, MyCompanyWorks offers the same fast processing speed. This is unlike ninety percent of similar companies, which offers expedited processing at a significant extra fee.

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MyCompanyWorks is obviously a company that works. It has a 4.8 of 5 stars on Google Business Reviews, based on 48 reviews.

Customers praised the customer service efficiency and the quality of advice received. Others also praised the speed and simplicity of the process. Here are some of what they had to say below:

Fantastic way to successfully and efficiently set up your business. MyCompanyWorks want your business to succeed. All the set up advice and checklists were incredibly helpful. MyCompanyWorks was very effective and had a fair competitive price.

  • DJ’s Band Repair

“It was simple and fast I’m on track to starting my new business and I would recommend their services to anyone. top notch, and very customer oriented thank you.

  • Dixie S.

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A Few Shortcomings

1. Registered Agent Service – One of the few shortcomings that we found with MyCompanyWorks is that the company’s Registered Agent Service isn’t included in any of the lower-tier packages. Now this is not an uncommon practice in the industry, but there are also numerous companies who actually offers Registered Agent Service as a part of their basic pricing, such as CorpNet, and as such we can’t help but hold it against them – just a little, though.

Other Features

Here are some of MyCompanyWorks’ other features which aren’t quite unique, but are worth mentioning, anyway.

1. Reasonable Pricing – MyCompanyWorks’ $79 basic package is not the absolute cheapest in the business, but it is still considerably lower than most, enough to make it worth mentioning.

2. Name Availability Search – This is, again, something not unique to MyCompanyWorks, but useful enough to be mentioned nonetheless.

3. 5Gb Storage – MyCompanyWorks offers an amazing 5 GB storage for uploads on the customer dashboards. This is, however, only available for premium members.

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With a competitive pricing and an amazing customer service, MyCompanyWorks rightfully has a lot of positive reviews online. And as such we can’t help but recommend the company to businesses looking to begin their LLC formation.

Yes, they do have a few shortcomings, but not more than virtually every other company does.

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