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Incfile and BizFilings are both reputable companies that specialize in LLC formation services for entrepreneurs and businesses. Our Incfile vs BizFilings comparison reviews both companies by comparing pricing, features, and drawing out differences and similarities to arrive at a verdict as to which is the most suitable for you and your business.

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Quick Summary

All in all, we say go with BizFilings if you’re looking for a cheap deal on EVERY possible feature offered by LLC companies – i.e. a complete package – and definitely go with Incfile if what you’re looking for is a smart, cheap, and efficient low-level plan that gets all the basic things done.

Since it began operation in 2004, Incfile has grown to become one of the most notable LLC formation websites in recent times, and with good reasons, too. It has one of the best rates, and has served over 250,000 businesses.

BizFilings, on other hand, has been helping groups and individuals start their businesses since 1996. There are more than 500,000 thousand businesses out there to have employed BizFilings’ services, and their longetivity, no doubt, has a lot to do with their expertise.

Making the choice between Incfile and BizFilings is no easy task, as both have a lot to offer. The decision, at the end of the day, may come down to some fine distinctions.

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Pricing Comparison

BizFilings’ pricing packages are specialized based on the exact business type, and state of registration. For a basic LLC formation, there is a basic package of $99 plus state fee, a standard package of $229, and a complete package of $424.

BizFilings Pricing

Incfile also offers three pricing packages. But unlike most, it wins over a lot of hearts thanks to an unbelievably comprehensive free package. Its three major packages include a Silver Package, which is free along with state fee, a Gold Package, $149 + State Fee, and a Platinum Package – $299 + State Fee.

Incfile Pricing

The highlight that comes out top, after comparing both company’s pricing, is definitely the fact that Incfile offers numerous amazing features in its zero-dollar package. With this package you get free name availability search, free preparation and filing of your Articles of Organization, one year free Registered Agent Service for a year – all of which are just unbelievable.

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Incfile vs BizFilings – Functional Differences

We take a look below at some of the fundamental differences between both companies below:

1. Experience – No doubt these two companies are top-notch when it comes to experience, but considering BizFilings was established in the year 1996, while Incfile was established in the year 2004, it is clear that the former has a little advantage when it comes to experience.

2. Registered Agent Service – While both companies offer Registered Agent Service, the difference here is that Incfile offers its service for a full year, while BizFilings offers for a six-month duration only.

3. Affordability – While Incfile is technically the most affordable out there, thanks to its free and comprehensive initial package, BizFilings is also quite reasonable with its pricing and can save you a lot of money.

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1. Turnaround Time (Speed) – Both companies do just okay when it comes to speed, completing regular orders in average time. They both offer expedited processing under their highest package level, however.

2. Help Resources – Both Incfile and BizFilings provide impressive resources on their websites that can go a long way in helping new and existing entrepreneurs get more familiar with the technical aspects of the trade. These resources includes blog posts, studies, FAQs, and so on.

3. Ease of Use – Customers of both companies have been found to place great emphasis on the ease of use of both systems. The packages and payment processing are straight-forward, the website is simple and easy to navigate, and the terms are explained in a way that makes them comprehensible to both legal experts and newcomers alike.

4. Customer Service – Both companies place major emphasis on customer service and are extremely well reviewed by existing customers on this metric alone, as we see below.

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Customer Reviews Comparison

Both websites are quite reputable and well-spoken about. Incfile, especially, is very well reviewed across a range of platform. They have a 4.6 ratings out of 5 on Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a 4.8/5 score on Shopper Approved.

BizFilings also has an overall positive review on Better Business Bureau. Here are a few excerpts for each company:


I’ve registered multiple businesses with BizFilings over the years and have experienced nothing but success with them. They’re quickly available to help answer any questions I have along the way. Reading the other review, it’s clear the individual doesn’t understand that BizFilings offers a service to streamline registration and compliance activities. Of course, this is a service you pay for and personally, I’d rather let the experts do it so I may focus on the core of my business. Keep up the great work. -EB from BBB


June 17, 2019 by Tim (FL, United States)

“Thank you guys for the quick follow-up and explanation. I can not allow a personal mistake and oversight to reflect poorly in my rating of your services. Everyone at Incfile has been first class and quick to respond to my service needs. I appreciate you going above and beyond and taking the time to educate me.”

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It is safe to say that BizFilings and Incfile share a lot of similarities. They are both customer-oriented, affordable, and experienced. They do share a few differences, too, which involves customer service, and the duration of the Registered Agent Service provided by each.

All in all, we say go with BizFilings if you’re looking for a cheap deal on EVERY possible feature offered by LLC companies – i.e. a complete package – and definitely go with Incfile if what you’re looking for is a smart, cheap, and efficient low-level plan that gets all the basic things done.

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