Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer is a highly experienced and efficient online legal service website where you can get legal advice and documents for a reasonable price. Our Rocket Lawyer review gives you the necessary details you need to make your decision about using their company formation service.

So is Rocket Lawyer worth it? If you subscribe for the membership which costs $39.99, Rocket Lawyer is definitely worth it. All the documents you need can be completed online and are available immediately for printing and download.

Rocket Lawyer Review

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About Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service website made for the sole purpose of making the legal side of your business an easy affair. The company’s function is predicated on the fact that it is hard enough to run a business, and make it profitable; so much so that when you bring in other legal headaches, help is certainly needed.

And this is why companies like Rocket Lawyer exist. They not only help you with processes such as initial LLC registration at the start, they also help make better business decisions by providing analysis and recommendation on the best path(s) to follow.

The company is one of the most established and most trusted in the online legal service industry. It was founded in 2008 and since then it claims to have helped more than 20 million businesses and business-owners.

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Available Services

Rocket Lawyer performs a host of legal services for both individuals and businesses in need of them. The most common of these are listed below:

(Non-Member Pricing)

1. Legal Documents and Contracts – Rocket Lawyer has the ability to help you draft and prepare all the legal documents your business may need. It is also capable of reviewing existing legal documents and contracts.

2. LLC Formation – Rocket Lawyer also performs the function of an LLC registration company, which is to give you advice and help you file your appropriate company registration documents in various states.

3. Legal Advice – Rocket Lawyer has a phone option where you get to speak with an adept legal practitioner for a fee. These lawyers are also able to help with legal advice.


Rocket Lawyer provides a wide range of legal services for varying fees. Here are some of the available services and its corresponding charges for non-members.

1. Legal Forms – $39.99 per documents, including Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Release of liability, independent contractor agreement, etc.

2. Ask a Lawyer – With $49.99 you get to ask a lawyer any singular question of your choice.

3. 30 Minutes Phone Session – With $59.99 you get to speak with a lawyer for thirty minutes and ask as much legal questions as you want within that timeframe.

4. Incorporation Filing – With $99.99 Rocket Lawyer takes over your business registration and help you with the necessary state filings and documentation.

5. Registered Agent Service – this is available for $149.99.

The website also has a seven-day free trial.

Premium Membership Subscription – $39.99 per month after free trial

With premium membership, you get to enjoy access to free legal documentations, Free “Ask a lawyer” feature. You also get to speak with a legal consultant for 30 minutes, free of charge, and you get 40% discount when you do hire a lawyer.

They also help you with your incorporation filing with no extra charge, and a 25% discount off the Registered Agent Service charge.

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Our Recommendation

It is very obvious that the entire pricing mechanism of Rocket Lawyer is geared towards pushing users towards a premium membership subscription.

The difference between the cost of member and non-member pricing is so wide that virtually nobody would want to go with the non-member pricing. Who would want to spend $39.99 on a single document, when they can spend the same on that and a whole lot of other services.

The pricing here is definitely unfair,  nonetheless, we have no choice but to recommend the membership plan.

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  • Speed – Rocket Lawyer has a template in place that ensures that all legal documents created on the site are available immediately for printing and download.
  • Helpful Information – Rocket Lawyer has a lot of helpful contents on the website, including articles and frequently asked questions.
  • Security – The website is secured and highly conscious of your data privacy. Policies and controls are also in place to ensure you get the maximum possible protection.

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Rocket Lawyer has a respectable 4.4/5 ratings on TrustPilot.

Here are some of what the customers had to say:

It was easy to use

Olga Speck

It was quite easy to use – my task was simple.

The trial period suited me but if I need further assistance I will rocket my way to Rocket ,

I was relieved to remember to cancel membership in good time.

Steven Simmers

Like a fully loaded A-10 ready to drop bombs and rain down hot lead on any issue that got in my way. Smooth as 2000 grit sandpaper. If I were an astronaut on a rocket, heading to another planet, at 9g’s, I would not be able to operate the website, so it could be better hence the 4 starts. Irregardless of that accusation that I can’t prove it was great. You guys rock.

Stanley Evetts

Easy to use for the form I needed.

I only needed a form and had to sign up for the service for a free trial which I cancelled as I will not need the services provided any longer. It is very complete and easy to fill out the forms and would stay with service if I needed any additional legal forms.

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Rocket Lawyer provides you with legal services and documents at reasonable prices.

Their pricing is remarkably inconsistent between membership and non-membership plans, and greatly favoured members over non-members.

While we highly recommend for people seeking to get a membership, we would advise people looking for a one time service or document to check out other alternatives such as [LegalZoom, [IncFile], or [BizFilings].

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