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IncFile and ZenBusiness are two great companies that specialize in LLC formation services for entrepreneurs and businesses. Our Incfile vs ZenBusiness comparison reviews both companies by comparing pricing, features, and drawing out differences and similarities to arrive at a verdict as to which is the most suitable for you and your business.

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Quick Summary

Both of them being great companies to work with, perhaps the most obvious difference finally boils down to Incfile’s free basic package, which makes it the obvious best choice for low level packages, but ZenBusiness’ $49 is also remarkably cheap, and its premium pricing is way more affordable at $229, compared to IncFile’s $299.

Since it began operation in 2004, IncFile has grown to become one of the most notable LLC formation websites in recent times, and with good reasons, too. It has one of the best rates, and has served over 250,000 businesses.

But in comparison with ZenBusiness, it faces a business with numerous satisfied customers and a great working model. ZenBusiness is recognised as, without a doubt, one of the best – if not the best – LLC formation company in the industry. 

Despite being founded in 2005, the company has fast won over numerous skeptic to become as beloved as it is today. Here we are going to be comparing these two companies to see what makes them special, what features make them stand out from competitors, from each other, and whether or not they are indeed worthy of your time and resources.

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IncFile offers three pricing packages. Its not-so-secret formula is its comprehensive free package, which is the only such kind among the big names in the industry. Its three packages include a Silver Package – Free + State Fees, a Gold Package – $149 + State Fee, and a Platinum Package – $299 + State Fee.

Incfile Pricing

ZenBusiness’ pricing is also three-tiered: it include a starter package at $49, a pro package, coming at $179, and a final premium package coming at $229. There is also additional customisation options for add-ons to each pricing level.

ZebBusiness Pricing

Perhaps the biggest distinguishing feature of both pricing categories is Incfile’s amazing free basic package, which gives you everything you need to begin your LLC journey, completely free of company charges.

But ZenBusiness’ $49 starter package is also one of the cheapest in the industry, and its premium package is a lot cheaper than IncFile’s.

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Incfile vs ZenBusiness – Functional Differences

We take a look below at some of the fundamental differences between both companies below:

1. Turnaround Time (Speed) – IncFile’s turnaround time edges on the basic industry average of one to two weeks. It offers a 48-hour to 72-hour expedited processing for premium members. ZenBusiness also offers an average of one to two weeks for its starter plan, and 3 to 5 days for its expedited premium plans.

2. Help Resources – Both companies provide comprehensive help resources on their websites in the form of blog posts, informational articles, frequently asked questions, and so on.

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1. Experience – IncFile began operations in 2004, while ZenBusiness begin its in 2005, which makes the difference between these two companies far from definitive when it comes to who has the most experience. It is also highly impressive that both of them operate as though they were founded sometime in the last century.

2. Customer Service – Both companies have great customer service units that are highly responsive, with IncFile having a response time of no more than 24 hours, and ZenBusiness following pretty much the same timeline.

3. Registered Agent Service – Both IncFile and ZenBusiness offer impressive one year Registered Agent Service in their basic plans as well as the premium plans. Though it is worth mentioning that Incfile’s comes for free while ZenBusiness’ comes at $49 – which is still considered cheap according to industry standard.

4. Ease of Use – Both companies provide platforms and dashboards that are convenient, easy to navigate, and easy to master. 

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Customer Reviews Comparison

IncFile has a 4.6 ratings out of five on Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a 4.8/5 score on Shopper Approved, while CorpNet holds an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars review on TrustPilot, from 401 verified users.

We list some verified reviews examples from each of the companies below:


This process to get my dream started was easy and successful. I am proud I chose ZenBusiness to assist me with my needs.

ZenBusiness is easy to use, simple and brings peace of mind. As a new business owner, ZenBusiness gives options that allow me to make changes as my business evolves. I am so happy I chose Zen Business!!


“Thank you guys for the quick follow-up and explanation. I can not allow a personal mistake and oversight to reflect poorly in my rating of your services. Everyone at IncFile has been first class and quick to respond to my service needs. I appreciate you going above and beyond and taking the time to educate me.”

“I had an issue with a report that I had filed and received a call from Andrew in a very timely manner and he cleared everything up for me and got me the documents that I needed. He went above and beyond than expected and I greatly appreciated it.”

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Established just a year apart, ZenBusiness and IncFile are similar on so many levels, and enjoy the privilege of being two of the best companies out there when it comes to LLC formation and registration for new businesses.

They both offered a full year Registered Agent Service, great customer care, easy to use platforms, and tons of experience. Even in the areas where they differ – such as in turnaround time – the difference is always too marginal to give a clear-cut preference.

Perhaps the most obvious difference finally boils down to Incfile’s free basic package, which makes it the obvious best choice for low level packages, but ZenBusiness’ $49 is also remarkably cheap, and its premium pricing is way more affordable at $229, compared to IncFile’s $299.

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