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MyCorporation provides LLC Formation services for as low as $89. Our MyCorporation review gives you the necessary details you need to make your decision.

MyCorporation review

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About MyCorporation

MyCorporation is a business formation and legal filing company with a 20-year experience in the field. The company has served more than one million businesses. It also provides assistance with other legal needs such as trademark and copyright filing, Registered Agent Service, and so on.

MyCorporation prides itself on great accuracy, easy process, and staff who are willing and able to provide as much help as possible.

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MyCorporation provides an option of four different package levels. This is slightly in contrast to the widespread three-tier pricing systems obtained by most companies in the industry.

MyCorporation Pricing

MyCorporation’s four-tiered pricing packages include: the Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium level.

1. Basic – $99

The basic package provides your required Article of Incorporation, and a name availability search to ensure that your prospective business name is indeed available.

2. Standard – $124

Standard package provides Article of Incorporation, name availability search, by-laws, minutes and waivers, and an annual report done for you.

3. Deluxe – $224

The deluxe package contains all services included in the basic and standard packages along with the much-coveted Registered Agent Service.

4. Premium – $324

The highest pricing level is the premium package which includes Article of Incorporation, name availability search, bylaws, minutes, and waivers, annual report service, Registered Agent Service, and what is called a MaintainMyBiz service, where the company acts a full time guide and provides necessary resources for your business maintenance.

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Our Recommendation

The pricing packages are efficiently tiered, in a way that ensures there is no shocking disparity between each successful packages, and basically no superfluous package.

That said, we would advise the first package for businesses who only wants to incorporate, and the third pricing package for businesses that can’t quite make up their mind between the second and third package levels.

The fourth pricing package also appears reasonable enough for businesses that can afford it.

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MyCorporation Benefits

1. MaintainMyBiz – the MaintainMyBiz service is a yearly business maintenance prerogative available to premium members only. After your business has been registered, as a premium subscriber, MyCorporation helps you with further maintenance, providing you with necessary help and resources.

2. Speed – while the website does not indicate a specific timing, it is implied that the company tries its best to complete its own part of the process as fast as possible, with delay only possible on the part of the state department.

3.  Customer Service – MyCorporation has a functional customer service department, available on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. through phone, email, or online chat.

4. Experience – As mentioned earlier, MyCorporation has been in existence for 20 years – during which time they have managed to perfect their business model and operation, as evidenced by their numerous positive reviews.


MyCorporation has an aggregate score of 3.5 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot. The figures were obtained from a pool of 202 reviews, among which we obtained four for your consideration below:

I used MyCorporation for a trademark…

I used MyCorporation for a trademark submission. They did an ok job in creating the submission but that is all they do and they don’t do any research to see if your submission meets the requirements.

Worth every penny super service

Dana was great thank you very much. perfect 150% all good recommend them always awesome! 5 stars.

The Best in the Business, Period

MyCorporation offers every service an existing business, especially start-ups, could possibly need… and then some. These guys aren’t just another ‘registration service’ that are a dime a dozen – they offer a TON more, including services and information that, in my case, would have prevented some serious headaches down the road.

Highly recommended mycorporation

Highly recommended mycorporation. Especially with employees like Scott I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Trust that you are in good hands!

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Other Features

1. Guarantee – MyCorporation offers to resolve any issue customers may encounter. And it is evident that they do indeed follow through on this promise, evidenced by the numerous resolved issues available on TrustPilot. There is also a 60-day refund available for unsatisfied customers minus state fees.


1. Miscommunication – Among some of the shortcomings of MyCorporation that we found was a customer who complained of a misfiling of a company name that was basic enough to be easily spelled.

The company did address this issue, for what it’s worth, and chucked the error down to a miscommunication, as the order was made over the phone. They also attributed the mistake to the failure of the customer to confirm the details through email.

2. Refund Issues – Another shortcoming that was found was failure to refund service fees, which the company answered by pointing out that state fees and fees already spent are not subject to refund.

3. Failure to Review Orders – Lastly, a customer complained of complacency on the part of the company, claiming that they failed to review his order to ensure that it was indeed accurate and appropriate.

The customer did admit that both parties were to blame for this, but the company could have done better. We’ll leave you to be the judge of that, if course.

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MyCorporation seems to do everything just right, without going out of their way to provide unique features or operating model like companies such as [BetterLegal], or [Incfile].

This regular model obviously works for them as they are able to carry out their services fast and straight to the point, with as little glitch as possible.

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